LBD Restyle: Shop the Look

LBD Restyle

It’s time for a LBD restyle. We’ve celebrated and partied into the New Year, time to think about what to do with the Little Back Dress you picked up for the holidays. Don’t leave your LBD in the closet amongst all your party dresses you wore once, never to be seen again (yes I have this part of my closet too). Say YES to a little reverse styling.

Check out an easy way to take your LBD from night to day. Whether your dress is silk, lace or velvet this styling trick is perfect for an effortless day look. Personally, I’m loving a monochromatic or tonal vibe for the overall look, probably because I’ve been obsessing over minimalist blogger, FIGTNY. Simply add a fiddler cap (or any hat you love), with a chunky sweater, pair it with booties or with socks and sandals. Socks and sandals is a little edgier but we love edgier. Keep your friends guessing, be the only one in the room willing to take a fashion risk.

Turtleneck Sweater from The Fort & The Clubhouse  

LBD Restyle

lbd restyle

lbd restlye



Velveteen LBD via Wild Moon

Fiddle Cap by Brixton from Blue Eyed Girl

Marigold Block Heel by Free People via Seaside Soles

Vince. Cashmere Turtleneck (smiliar) via Blue Eyed Girl


Model: Summer Betti// Photography: Rachael Dickens// Styling: Katie Keyes// Clothing provided by House of Bohemian, The Fort & The Clubhouse, Blue Eyed Girl & Seaside Soles