KACEY|SHANA: Designer Spotlight


Luxury Water Wear that Takes you Places

Kacey|Shana is a luxury water wear line, designed for the sunbather, the surfer and the yogi. Created with form and fit in mind, Kacey and Shana brought their passions to life to take you from sandy mat to surfboard to summer soiree. Kacey|Shana blends seamless styles with adjustable and convertible straps, removable bra cups, and removable tassels for ideal function and flatter. They feature a versatile mix of distinctive silhouettes and luxe designs to naturally accommodate the beach lifestyle as well as an active one.

Summer is right around the corner and we have beach days on the brain! Keep scrolling to learn more about this new water wear line and treat yourself to a new suit 😉

Kacey|Shana Capri bikini in whiteWhere does your artistic influence come from and what lead you to swimwear design?

We both grew up at the beach and were always so passionate about staying active. It was a natural progression for us to design a water wear brand. We have used our travels to create a water wear, lifestyle brand interconnected with the ocean, and your well being.

Kacey|shana st. barths strapless bikiniWhat is the inspiration behind the Kacey|Shana designs?/What inspired your most recent collection?

Our inspiration comes from our personal lifestyles. As a surfer and yoga instructor, our inspiration came from what we envision living our lifestyles in. Having a lifestyle completely based around the ocean also makes for an active lifestyle. When you have an ocean centered life, being active comes hand in hand.

Kacey|shana Maldives bikiniWhat sets Kacey|Shana apart from other swimwear brands?

Kacey|Shana is founded upon our lifestyle and love of the sea. The genuine translation of our lifestyles into each design and sharing our passion with our customers. We aren’t just swimwear. We design water wear for the sunbather, surfer and yogi, while staying true to our love for the ocean.

Kacey|shana Capri bikini in whiteHow did you decide on Kacey|Shana as the name of the brand?

We really wanted to keep the brand a representation of our personal lives. The uniqueness of our names together seemed like the perfect fit.

Kacey|shana cannes swim suitHow would you describe your personal style?

Shana: I’m feminine/preppy and you’ll typically find me wearing a lot of white or black

Kacey: My style is feminine/sophisticated. My favorite clothing brand is Club Monaco

Kacey|ShanaDo you personally have a favorite Kacey|Shana swimsuit?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite. Each design comes from such an important place of inspiration for us! Can we pick them all?

Kacey|shana st. tropez black bikini with mesh detailWhat’s next for Kacey|Shana?

We are currently working on our next collection, which we are so excited about! Always staying real with our customers and learning what makes them LOVE their water wear.

Are you ready for a new swim suit? Make your next one a Kacey|Shana! Rachael and I each got one and honestly, they are so comfortable! And cute, of course!! CLICK HERE to start shopping!

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