DYLN Inspired at the OC Mix

DYLN Inspired

If you are looking for your next pair of yoga pants, look no further. DYLN inspired workout wear, is without a doubt the next big thing in the fitness industry. Dorian Ayeres, a USC graduate, and Orange County native, has created something that will change not only how you look while you are working out, but also how you feel. I sat down with Dorian last week for dinner at the OC Mix, also the location of their first store front, and got a glimpse into this amazing company. The surroundings are earthy, hip and a perfect place for some early morning yoga in the courtyard, which the store offers on the weekends.


So what makes DYLN workout wear so special? Well, just about everything. Every piece of clothing is crafted to fit the body perfectly, and designed to help you move to the best of your ability. DYLN uses a trademarked VitaPearl technology, which means there are thousands of small pearls embedded into the fabric, to keep you energized throughout the day. If you thought that was exciting, theres more: this bio-photonic nano technology emits far-infrared, which increases blood circulation. Blood circulation is not only important for our everyday health, but extremely important when working out, and this technology provides faster muscle recovery times, and decreased muscle fatigue, so you can achieve your fitness goals.


I am so happy to be an avid supporter of this local brand, not only will you feel amazing after wearing their stylish activewear, but I promise, you will feel rejuvenated as well. Stop by their store at the OC Mix located in the heart of Orange County, and be sure to grab your yoga mat and stop by for a class!

DYLN Inspired


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