Don’t let January Being Over Throw you Off your Fitness Goals

Cute Workout Outfits to Keep you Motivated

When the New Year’s Resolution High Wears Off

The new year hits and, you guys, this is totally our year to get fit and healthy and stay that way… Fast forward one month in to the new year, that resolution high has worn off and many of us have fallen off the bandwagon. But not this year! We’re not letting January being over throw us off our fitness goals. Think of the start of every month like the start of a new year; and keep making those resolutions! That being said, a little extra motivation to get us moving never hurts. And nothing works better to get us off our butts than cute workout outfits. Because doing anything in a cute outfit is always more fun (FACT!)

Our one stop shop for the best workout gear is LA based e-boutique Largo Drive. They have all the best brands, and seriously, the cutest styles. So now that you have the inside scoop, what are you waiting for? Snag yourself one of these cute workout outfits below and keep crushing those 2019 fitness goals.


One of fashion’s hottest trends has taken over activewear, and we’re not mad about it.



Not one said cute workout outfits had to be colorful. You can still crush it at the gym in these black and white outfits


Cozy outerwear perfect for before and after your workout.