I Can’t Stop Decorating: Volume 2 Decor Inspiration and Execution

Decor Inspiration and Execution

I’m excited to share some of the tips on decor inspiration and execution I wish I knew before I started my redecorating project. When I started the process of updating my home decor I knew I needed to prioritize my needs and do the most with my budget. I had an idea of what I liked but I needed to find decor inspiration that both worked in my space and with my current furniture pieces; so began my pinterest journey. But I have to tell you that updating your home decor can set off a chain reaction that can result in spending more money than intended. Trust me on this.

The challenge in my home was trying to work with oversized furniture from my last home and find ways to make the proportions work in my new smaller home. Luckily my living space is very open so furniture fits, but the layout wasn’t ideal. This made it difficult to get the best function out of my space-which drives me crazy. It took living in my new house for almost 3 years before I made any significant changes. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has dealt with a new home but not new furniture.

My inspiration room via CB2’s collaboration with Lenny Kravits.decor inspirationThe reason I choose this as my final inspiration picture is because it had everything I was looking for; oversized furniture with smaller accents, black and white accessories with both wood and metallic textures.

I started out with $500, which is a lot of money but not when your trying to change the look of your home. This budget made me take my time and really think about what I really need and where my priorities lie. This ended up being the best lesson for me. In taking my time and doing a bit of research, I did not do any impulse buying, which as we all know can ruin a budget in an instant.

Here are a few tips that, in the end, really helped me.

Know what you need and have a plan. Are you updating pillows on your coach, changing out a coffee table/accent table, reworking your home accessories or wall art? Whatever your project, seriously HAVE A PLAN. Are you thinking “What do you mean by have a plan?” Here is a little example-updating the pillows on your coach. You have $150 to spend on 5 pillows. You need a combination of solids, prints and texture. Your inspo pillows cost 65$ each (which is not in the budget), now you need to find lower cost pillows to work with your budget and design. Hence your plan.

Measure! No matter what pieces you’re looking for you need to know the proper size to fit the space. This applies to everything, including the little things like pillows and decor. The wrong size can cost you time, money and frustration. Measuring is really important. Decor can typically be returned, furniture on the other hand can’t always be and you WANT and NEED to know that the piece you choose it the right piece for the space.

Once you have a plan and know what you need, take your time. I mean this. To both nail down your final inspiration and shop around for the style and price laid out in your plan. Online is a great resource for everything and will help save you both time and money. When you’re looking at items online typically each item has the dimensions and messurements so you can see if an item both fits your budget and the space before leaving the house. I have to be honest, I look online for somethings but I have to see everything in person. That’s just me. I have found that most things look good online but not necessarily in person. I love a great deal just like the next person, but I don’t like items that look cheap.

I hope these simple tips help when you begin updating decor in your home. XO Rachael