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Pajama Dressing… Are you in or Out?

This season it’s all about the chic pajama party. Lace camisoles, slip dress and silk pj’s were all over Spring’s runways! Now it’s time to translate that into real life, which is a fine line. No one wants too look like a hot mess that just rolled out of bed. If you want to participate in this pajama dressing trend, I suggest not wearing it head to toe..Unless you’re feeling like having some fun and stepping outside the box (which I totally support!). But for most of us, less is more. Pair those rad silk pj bottoms with a chic structured blazer to tone it down. Throw on a bomber jacket, choker and sneakers with the slip dress to give it an edge. And for that lace cami, pair it with high waisted jeans and mules for the perfect Spring look. You might be thinking, “A lace cami is a little to sexy for me.” If thats the case, throw a t-shirt underneath to tone down the sexyiness.

Thinking about going full throttle and pulling off the head to toe pj ensemble.. Go for it, but make sure you funk it up with your accessories! Pair the look with some amazing shoes (not your slippers), a fun bag and maybe cool neck tie. The point is to style it to not look like you just left your bed.

The key to making all these pajama party pieces work is to pair them with something that will make them less bed time and more street style. For me…I am all in! I dig this trend and seriously can’t wait to pull it off. Here are a few looks to inspire you to take your PJ’s out on the town.  Xx, Katie

pajama dressing                        Photo Source: Pinterest

pajama dressing                        Photo Source: Pinterest

pajama dressing                           Photo Source: E Online

pajama dressing                           Photo Source: Pinterest

0d8f56ff2e10a2ea9524f3e3d951b55f                        Photo Source: Vogue

2774c482add1899622b5df2cc94f0560                         Photo Source: Man Repeller

pajama dressing                         Photo Source: Style Du Monde

pajama dressing                        Photo Source: Beige Renegade

pajama dressing                                Photo Source: They All Hate Us

6396f0c784087ab74c79c9cfd32477a8                                Photo Source: Pinterest

933386fbfd69f01d0184821513f8fd18                                 Photo Source: LA COOL & CHIC

pajama-suit-natalie-suarez-2                        Photo Source: Natalie Off Duty

754fc0e14f3df3ca8f9ededcf2d40f74                         Photo Source: A Love is Blind

f10d1b77e8059543c96dde82897d206b                         Photo Source: Vogue

3f314ded14687be6151cae8bfde99b90                        Photo Source: Style Du Monde

pajama dressing                        Photo Shoot: Style Du Monde

4e230cecebd963454404273948705d5b                        Photo Source: Man Repeller

Will you be trying this Pajama Dressing trend? We want to know what you think!

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