Borrowed from the Boys with Dondee Quincena

Dondee Quincena oc style report

Photographed by Dondee Quincena

Borrowed from the Boys

The Editorial

One of my favorite photographers to work with is Dondee Quincena; not only for his incredible talent but it’s a day filled with amazing creatives and lots of laughs. I love editorial shoots. We mostly shoot lifestyle, so it’s fun to change up the feeling and mood and give our readers something different. I’m sure you’re wondering what makes a shoot editorial over lifestyle or commercial, well I tell you. An editorial shoot is more about mood and vibe then about the clothing itself. The models typically strike unnatural poses and the clothing, lighting, hair and makeup are typically more dramatic. Lifestyle photography is about catching someone in an “everyday” scenario, like walking down the street or hanging out (staged of course). Commercial… Well it’s generally a cute girl doing cute things while selling a product.

Online sites typically feature more lifestyle or commercial photography, ourselves included. It is mostly in print that one encounters editorial photography. We want our readers to have the best of both worlds, giving you something special and different to enjoy. Mixing it up makes each of us think a bit about what we like. Do you ever think about the mood you might convey with your outfit? Rachel Zoe has been famously quoted saying “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” and Tom Ford says that, “Dressing well is a form of good manners”. I’m sure there is a lot of truth to both thoughts. Either way, our styling team had fun with Dondee Quincena’s “Borrowed from the Boys” editorial.

Dondee Quincena oc style report Mock Turtle Neck: Jane Says (Coming Soon)// Jacket: McGuire Denim from Red Fox// Pants: Rag & Bone (no loner available)// Shoes: Similar Similar Similar

Dondee Quincena oc style report Dondee Quincena oc style report Jean Jacket: Forever 21// Boyfriend Jeans: Rich & Skinny from Red Fox// Shoes: Similar Similar Similar

Dondee Quincena oc style report Dondee Quincena oc style report Shirt Dress: Jane Says (coming soon) Dondee Quincena oc style report IMG_9874-Edit-2 1000Blazer with Leather Trim: Rag & Bone// Blouse: Equipment from Blue Eyed Girl// Pants: Vince from Blue Eyed Girl

Model: Charlotte Mayer// Photographer: Dondee Quincena// Stylists: Rachael Dickens & Katie Keyes// HMU: Dora Sfera