Blogger Style Look of the Day: Say YES to White Shoes via NATALIE OFF DUTY

Why this works in the OC…

White Shoes after Labor Day?

The Why: I say YES! As far as I’m concerned there are NO fashion rules left. That being said, fit and proportion are always “in style” and “on trend”. The reason I love this look so much is it works for so many women with varying styles. There are many styling tricks that can be tweaked to make this look perfect for you… How you button up the shirt, what sunglasses you choose and of course the shoe choice. This is the perfect example of how one’s own twist on style and trends make a look unique. Most of the items blogger Natalie Off Duty is wearing are wardrobe foundation pieces. Wardrobe foundations are essential to make your speciality/novelty pieces stand out, like these white oxfords.

Photo Credit: Natalie Off DutyNatalie off duty pic 1Natalie off duty 3Natalie off duty 2