Back to Basics: The Plain White Tee


I ♥ my Plain White Tee(s)

A plain white tee, you can’t have just one! I don’t know what to do with myself when I realize all my white tee’s are in the laundry basket. My white tee’s are the life blood to my style. These simple little plain tops are a white canvas to the style and vibe you want to express. Alone, underneath, on top, or layered, a simple white tee is THE casual go-to for literally everyone on the planet.

If you can’t style a plain white tee you really need our help. Well that’s not entirely fair…. Not all white tees are created equal. Here are a couple of traits all cool tees have;  loose/oversized and V or low scoop neckline. Stick to these two traits and you’ll always find a cool tee to fit your budget.

On a side note… My favorite tees are Monrow. They run about $50 and you can find them at few of my favorite boutiques including Isla Boutique, Z Collection (some are on sale now) and Laguna Supply. They are seriously worth every penny! 

Here are some great looks to steal starring a plain white tee.

white tee Pinterest 6 White Tee Pinterest 5 White Tee Pinterest 4 White Tee Pinterest 3 White tee pinterest 2 White tee pinterest Rstyle white tee Fignty White Tee

All Photos Sourced from Pinterest


ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wash your tees in Woolite on the delicate cycle. I know Woolite is more costly but your clothing will last longer and look newer longer. The kinder you wash your tees the longer they will last. Are you wondering why? Detergent is harsher on fabric fibers and makes them brittle which intern makes the clothing looks older faster, plus you will get holes fasters too.