5 Eco Friendly Brands Show us Style CAN have a Conscious

Does your wardrobe have a conscious?

It can now!!

We love that our favorite local boutiques are embracing eco friendly brands. One of our favorite online retailers, Largo Drive makes it easy to find eco friendly pieces and brands with their Eco Shop. Supporting local has always been our first mission at STYLE REPORT, and when we see local supporting eco friendly practices we take note.

Why have so many brands/stores added eco friendly pieces and collections to their seasonal lineup? The environment! More than a decade of fast fashion, ever changing trends, and consumers’ lust for inexpensive clothing has contributed to clothing being one of the largest pollutants on the planet. Eco-conscious brands/stores have began taking note and making changes. Giving the consumer more conscientious style.

What makes a brand or a clothing item eco-friendly? From organic cotton and linen to recycled man made, eco friendly textiles the first step to an eco friendly garment is the raw materials. From there it is fair wages, the brand being aware and responsible for the process from start to finish.

We, the consumer, are responsible for what we purchase. Making sure to buy/invest in pieces that can be infinitely styled and worn for years is also an important component to being an eco friendly consumer.


Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman has a simple, honest approach; design and manufacture garments with greater care and to reduce their impact, generate awareness, and ask their customers to join them in taking action and holding them accountable.

Eco Friendly Brands Mara Hoffman Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Deep v Maxi Dress Red Maxi Dress Summer STyle

Luna Maxi $350

Eco Friendly Brands Mara Hoffman Sala Dress Dune Color Block 100% Tencel Lyocell Eco Friendly Fashion

Sala Dress $325

Eco Friendly Brands Mara Hoffman Whitney Jumpsuit Angus Plaid Deep V Jumpsuit Wedding Shower Bridal Shower Organic Cotton Eco Friendly Fashion

Whitney Jumpsuit $325


Spell and the Gypsy

Spell and the Gypsy are proud to announce that for 2019 they are on target for 40% of the styles in their collections to be made in their sustainable fibers.

Spell and the Gypsy Amethyst Gown Blush Eco Friendly Brands

Amethyst Gown $280

Amethyst Play Dress in Nightfall Eco Friendly Fashion Eco Friendly Brands

Amethyst Play Dress $200

Spell and the Gypsy Amethyst Boho Dress Amber Eco Friendly Brands

Amethyst Boho Dress $233

Eco Friendly Brands Spell and the Gypsy Amethyst Shirred Sundress Nightfall Floral Maxi Dress Eco Friendly Fashion

Amethyst Shirred Sun Dress $217



August the Label is constantly taking steps to improve their environmental and ethical processes, so Auguste can be as sustainable as possible. From their fabrics and factories to their packaging and the charities they support, it’s an enormous operation – but they’re proud to share the journey with you.

Eco Friendly Brands Auguste the Label Honey Midi Dress

Honey Mini Dress $165

Eco Friendly Brands Auguste The Label Diamond Bias Midi Skirt

Diamond Bias Midi Skirt $126


Vitamin A

Sustainability is Sexy

Vitamin A’s proprietary fabric EcoLux™ was a breakthrough moment in sustainable swimwear. As it becomes an industry standard, Vitamin A keeps going, incorporating an ever-growing range of high-performance eco-conscious textiles into their collection.

Eco Friendly Brand Vitamin A Swimwear Bella Bikini

Bella Bikini Top $105 + California High Leg Bikini Bottom $105

Eco Friendly Lou Bikini Top Vitamin A Swimwear

Lou Bikini Top $96 + Samba Ruched Bikini Bottom $84

Eco Friendly Brands Leah Bodysuit One Piece

Leah Bodysuit One Piece $165 

Eco Friendly Brands Vitamin A Swimwear Gia Reservable Triangle Bikini Top

Gia Reversible Triangle Bikini Top $96 + Sienna High Waist Bikini Bottom $99



In 2017, Peony began their journey toward sustainability. Each season Peony introduces new sustainable processes and becomes more efficient at minimizing their impact. In all aspects of business, they constantly try to make small improvements to do better.

Eco Friendly Brands Peony Shell Bralette Bikini Top

Shell Bralette Bikini Top $75 + Staple Pant Bikini Bottom $75

Eco Friendly Brands Peony String Tri Bikini Top

String Tri Bikini Top $69 + Bikini Bottom $69