Waxing vs. Sugaring, What’s the Difference?

Waxing vs. Sugaring

Do you know the difference?

When it comes to the world of beauty it seems to be that our options are endless. Not only are there, seemingly, an infinite number of skin and hair care products to choose from; now, when bikini season hits, we are faced with multiple hair removal options. But, how do we know which method is best? Waxing vs. sugaring

Over the past few years the use of sugaring as a method of hair removal has become increasingly popular. Salons that offer waxing, are now starting to offer both waxing and sugaring on their menu. But, do you know the difference between the two methods? Is one better than the other? We decided to chat with expert, and owner of The Wax Boutique, Kasey Pentecost to get to the bottom of these burning question, and find the best method for each of us.

waxing vs. sugaring: Tips from the wax boutiqueWhat is the difference between waxing vs. sugaring?

Ah the great debate! Which method is better, waxing or sugaring? While every one may disagree on which is better for them, we at The Wax Boutique believe both methods are great and effective! We really don’t have a preference. And we have clients on both sides of the isle.

Over the years I’ve had clients tell me that they have had the worst experience with waxing. They’ve had skin ripped off, hair left over, the person was too rough, and the whole process was just straight painful! Waxing scarred them for life. So it makes sense why they choose sugaring over waxing. But I am here to tell you that not all waxing experiences are like that. If you go to the right place and the right person, you’ll have a great experience and walk out satisfied. Which is why we offer both a sugaring and waxing salon.

One the other hand, I have heard from waxing clients that sugaring is too painful for them. They prefer the hard wax over the sugar. Which is totally fine as well! I am here to tell you everything will be okay, whatever method you choose. Everyone and every body is different!

So what are the differences? Below is a list for each process and whichever appeals to you more, you should give it a try!


waxing vs. sugaring: Tips from the wax boutiqueWax, whether it be hard or soft, should be applied warm. Not scalding hot and not super runny.

Wax is applied with the hair growth and pulled off against. Many believe this breaks the hair at the skin. But, if done the proper way, will pull it from the root.

“Hard” wax drys itself and is pulled off when it is dry. “Soft” wax is applied then pulled off with a wax or muslin strip.

“Hard” wax is best used on thick hair. (ex: bikini, underarms or face)

“Hard” wax does not adhere to live skin cells so it just exfoliates the dead skin and sticks to the hair. “Soft” wax adheres to both live and dead skin cells.

With waxing, there are more breaks in between pulls, so it is not constant.


waxing vs. sugaring: Tips from the wax boutiqueSugaring is an ancient method and dates back to the Egyptians. It is only made of sugar, lemon juice and water(looking similar to honey).

The cook temperature used to make the paste will determine whether the paste is softer or harder.

The sugar is applied with only our hand with a glove on. It is applied against the hair growth and pulled out with. The opposite of wax.

Sugaring does not cause any irritation to the skin. It only adheres to dead skin cells and the hair, giving your skin a bonus exfoliation.

Sugaring paste is not hot. It is body temperature when applied.

When applied, the sugar is constant because there is no sticks or strips used. There is no need to apply then let it cool and dry. We apply it, take it off then immediately reapply

Which ever method you choose, at the Wax Boutique we guarantee the best results and a great experience! Even though a fast service is convenient, it isn’t always the best. We take a little more time to perfect the service and make sure no hair is left behind. I strive to create a positive atmosphere so clients feel comfortable and I make a connection with every one that walks through our doors. We want you to feel flawless and confident when walking out! –xo, Kasey

Ready to book your next wax or sugaring appointment? Make sure to book an appointment with Kasey at the Wax Boutique!

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