Watch our First Video Interview with Isabella Davidson

Our Very First Video Interview

featuing Isabella Davidson of Kindred Boutique

We are so excited to start bringing you video content. We know how much everyone loves a quick video! But, this one is a little longer than most of our videos will be. We wanted to introduce you to a few things in our first full Vlog. One, that we have officially begun our video series as a way to bring you STYLE REPORT on a new platform. Plus we had to introduce you to the adorable and amazing Isabella Davidson, owner of Kindred Boutique. And last but not least, something that you will being seeing often, our Quick 20. Our “Quick 20” is our version of Vogue’s 73 Questions. BTW who has time for that many questions anyway? If you’re going to reinvent, or in my case straight copy (at least we’re honest), you might as well be inspired by the BEST! And yes, of course we’ve rolled it all into our first video, but we’re excited!

So please watch and step into our world, both behind and in front of the camera.


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