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Gloves for the Bold

Our mild SoCal weather offers gorgeous days almost all year around. But this winter, it ACTUALLY feels like winter. And who are we kidding, we’re freezing our butts off. With all this rain and these chilly temps, we are piling on the layers. Sweaters, coats, scarves, beanies, and there were even a few days I thought about gloves! But if I’m going to buy a pair of gloves, they better be pretty awesome. So, I was super excited when I found Underhanded. Cute, functional, and they keep me warm! I know I know, you’re thinking “I live in Southern California, I don’t need gloves”. And while you may have a good point, having a great pair of gloves for those trips to Big Bear, Mammoth, any other place that actually has a winter, and those extra cold days here, isn’t a bad idea!

Underhanded gloves

So, what is Underhanded?

Underhanded is a design driven, lifestyle glove brand led by second generation glove experts. They aim to free the glove from the mundane by elevating it to the post it deserves. A place where good design meets hard function and great fit. Their entire line of men’s and women’s styles are inspired by a love for art and sport, which they celebrate through an array of vibrant colors and prints. Each glove is cut slim for comfortable fit and features touchscreen-compatible materials woven into the palm. This rids the need of taking gloves on and off during daily routines. Want to learn more about the brand? Keep scrolling!

Where does Underhanded’s artistic influence come from and what inspires each glove design?

What most inspires our design team, and the company as a whole, is the individuality of each user who wears our gloves. Whether we look towards an artist in a studio, a photographer braving the outdoor elements, or an athlete giving their all on the field, Underhanded seeks to design expressive, cold-weather lifestyle gloves for all interests. Our combination of love for art and sport act as fuel to influence all Underhanded glove designs. When our team sits down at the drawing board, we look to capture an essence of street style while celebrating the individuality of each person who will wear the gloves.

Underhanded glovesAt what point did Underhanded decide to begin as a glove-specific lifestyle brand?

We saw an opportunity in the market for a brand in this category. Underhanded celebrates confidence and passion for individuality while still highlighting quality performance. By creating a glove that is more than just an accessory, we allow users to wear designs that are reflective of their passions and lifestyles.

Underhanded GlovesHow did you decide on the brand name: Underhanded?

Underhanded highlights the rebellious spirit behind thinking and doing things differently than the way they have been done before. Our brand name is derivative of our love for bold expression and passion for adventure.

Underhanded GlovesWhat style does Underhanded mostly design for?

From true cold weather, to crisp mornings in sunny California, Underhanded looks to craft the perfect accessory to add personality to any outfit when the temps begin to drop. We design each collection to suit a variety of styles and wardrobes. By pulling from an array of bold colors and prints, we aim create collections tailored to both the stylish city-dweller as well as the cultured urban adventurer.

Underhanded GlovesDo you have a favorite pair of Underhanded gloves?

Both the Men’s and Women’s collections break down into three categories / styles – The Super, the Duo, and the Cityscape.  Our favorite glove varies pending weather conditions. Crafted from winter-grade fleece, the Duo glove is our go-to glove. It is a fresh update to a cold-weather essential. For crisper mornings with additional wind-chill, we’d be quick to grab the Cityscape, featuring a micro-brushed wind and moisture blocking outer shell. For day-to-day use, our grab & go essential is the Super glove as it combines unique patterns with touch-screen compatible materials woven into the palm for ultimate style and function.

Underhanded glovesWhat’s next for Underhanded?

Underhanded is excited to roll out new collections highlighting personality and style through unique and forward-thinking patterns + vibrant colors. We look forward to continuing to highlight the glove as a staple in any outfit when the temps drop.

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