The Perfect Ring w/ Mark Patterson

Mark Patterson & The Perfect Ring

I don’t know about you, but for me 2015 has been the year of weddings. Every time I turn around someone is getting engaged and I’m marking the calendar for more wedding festivities. Love is in the air, and many of you, with or without your significant other, are starting to search for that perfect ring. It got us thinking… How does one pick the perfect engagement ring? We were lucky enough to speak to the owners and masterminds behind the beautiful, one of a kind designs at Mark Patterson in Corona Del Mar. With their expert advice on what to look for and the most important characteristis to consider, you’re sure to get the engagement ring you’ve always dreamed of. Be sure to stop by the Mark Patterson Studio in CDM and keep them in mind for all your jewelry needs.

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When shopping for an engagement ring what is most important to consider?

A budget. It is important to do lot of research online before walking into a jewelry store.

Which should one choose first, the stone or the setting?
Mark Patterson ocstylereport
Mark Patterson OCstylereport
Mark Patterson OCstylereport
Remember to discuss with Mark a budget and any sense of her desires, or expectations. Always take into consideration when designing the engagement ring how the band will enhance it, and pick a timeless design. The majority of our rings are made in Platinum which is the superior metal for rings to last a lifetime. Your ring will always be custom made to our highest standard of craftsmanship in our studio in Corona del Mar. It will be made to fit your diamond and her finger size.

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