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Custom Body Polish

Custom Body Polish Burke Williams Day SpaIn April Burke Williams Day Spa introduced the ultimate Custom Body Polish. Last month Natalie and I where invited to Burke Williams Day Spa in Mission Viejo to try this amazing new treatment. OMG let me tell you this is my favorite new treatment. Not only did I get a custom body scrub, which was like a massage and scrub in one, but a mini facial too.

Custom Body Polish Burke Williams Day SpaI’ve had body “wraps” in the past and initially I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Custom Body Polish. But to my utter delight this treatment was beyond amazing. First and foremost, a treatment can be good but it’s really the professional giving the treatment that can really make or break one’s overall experience. I was so lucky to get Burke William’s head aesthetician. She not only gave me an amazing customized treatment but she also explained the treatment’s benefits to me.  It’s important to me to know how a treatment will impact my skin in both the short term and the long term.

Custom Body Polish Burke Williams Day SpaWhat to Expect

The Custom Body Polish started with my choice of scent. This is important because you’re going to have scented sugar slathered all over your body. The sugar scrub exfoliates the skin while encouraging dead skin cell turn over from head-to-toe. This made my skin incredibly soft. I loved it. We’re not done, there’s more.. yes more. Once the custom sugar scrub is applied it’s time to get “buffed”. A unique body buffer goes over all the essential oils contained in the customized sugar scrub (did you know sugar contains natural glycolic acid). This melts all of the sugar and essential oils into your skin which helps moisturize the skin. I learned that the buffer stimulates oxygenation and revitalization, which is enhanced by wrapping the body in a warm thermal blanket. This is the best… Once your scrubbed and buffed you get wrapped in a warm blanket to begin an express facial. This treatment is 80 minutes of total bliss.

Mission Viejo_NP_WhirlpoolA bit of advice I was given regarding the treatment is enjoy the rest of spa before the treatment. As one might not want to unintentionally wash off the amazing serums used in the express facial.



IMG_8175A special Thanks to Burke Williams Day Spa, Mission Viejo for sponsoring our Spa Day. The testimonial of my experience is completely my own and I recommend this treatment to anyone. I loved it. Thank you again Burke Williams for the best “work” day ever!

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Photos of the Spa & Treatment Provided by Burke Williams