Silver & Gold Boutique Launches w/ a Bang

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Introducing the OC’s Newest Online Boutique

Silver & Gold Boutique

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the launch party for new online shopping destination, Silver & Gold Boutique. My first impression.. I was beyond impressed by the turn out. I arrived 10 minutes after the party started and there was already wall to wall girls. And it only got busier by the minute.. Literally! Once I saw the selection I knew why. Jacqueline’s incredible curation of the hottest styles, not to mention her sweet sprit.

Jacqueline hit a home run with her first venture as an entrepreneur. Silver & Gold Boutique launched with a bang. And since the launch of her online only boutique, the clothing has been seen on every IT girl in the OC. It’s exciting to watch a young woman make her dreams come true. We’re looking forward to watching the growth and success of Silver & Gold Boutique.

Keep scrolling to read our Q&A with owner, Jacqueline Bridgford, to learn more about her and how she started Silver & Gold Boutique!

Silver & gold boutique: Lace open back top

What inspired you to choose the fashion Industry as your career?

I wanted to be exactly like my mom when I was little. She has amazing taste and shares my passion for fashion. I insisted on picking out my own outfits and was obsessed with accessorizing to the max, huge hair bows included! I was constantly making outfits for my dolls, turning pillowcases into dresses, and always just a few snips away from turning the curtains into dresses (like in Gone With the Wind!). The experiences and opportunities that I have had in connection with fashion have definitely shaped me.

When I put on my favorite outfit, I feel ready for anything that comes my way. Fashion is about feeling empowered and experimenting. That is why I aim to give other women the same positive and empowering feelings through their manner of dress!

Silver & gold Boutique: Corduroy skirt + floral top

What, specifically, about the retail aspect of the industry called to you?

Retail allows me to exercise my creative passion as well as my expertise in business and communications. I love the freedom that comes with creating a retail experience for customers from the ground up – stocking merchandise, designing logos, organizing partnerships, styling photo shoots, etc.

On the commerce side, and in particular, I chose to start my career in retail because it allows me to create my own unique environment for customers to shop in. I’m a firm believer that the specialized, luxurious aspects of boutique shopping successfully translate to the e—commerce shopping experience. My first glimpse into the world of luxury fashion from a retail perspective was while interning at Valentino. This was truly an invaluable experience that helped me re-imagine the detail-oriented nature of haute couture into something that works for on-trend specialty shops, such as my Silver & Gold Boutique.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would categorize my go-to style as chic and modern, without being overdone. I love mixing classic pieces with fresh, on-trend pieces, much like the styles with which I stock my boutique. For example, I love pairing romantic, lacy pieces with structured jackets and this season’s hottest over-the-knee boots.

Silver & gold Boutique: Off the Shoulder

You just launched your E-boutique, Silver & Gold, this week; How did you decide on Silver & Gold as the name of your company?

Silver & Gold” was a concept that I had been playing around with for years. During my undergraduate studies at the University of Southern California, I took a Fashion & Media course that required me to start a blog. Silver & Gold was at the very top of my list as I explored potential blog names. Although I ultimately chose Pretti Please for my blog, I kept Silver & Gold in the back of my mind.

Upon completion of my coursework at USC, I chose to pursue my passion further at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (“FIDM”). In the Product Development program, I began a list of creative names and themes that inspired my work. I added Silver & Gold to the list, but still held out for that “bigger project” that I hoped it would be perfect in the future.

When I decided to start my business, I ran the name Silver & Gold Boutique by my mother, Susan. She revealed that she had created an Instagram account called “Vintage Silver and Gold” a few months prior and had been using it as a private inspiration board. Call it superstition, but we thought the coincidence was a sign since we came up with the same idea independently!

Before finalizing the name, I met with several women that I admired from the fashion industry to get their creative input. I received positive feedback on Silver & Gold, mainly because it so clearly encapsulates what my boutique is all about – pairing various fashion trends, the silver with the gold. I love this name for my boutique because we carry of-the-moment, contemporary pieces as well as timeless classics and staples.

Silver & gold Boutique: All black

Why did you decide to focus on online vs. a brick and mortar location?

While studying fashion and business, I did a lot of research on the “online vs. brick and mortar” debate. I ultimately decided to focus on building a strong customer base online (while also hosting pop-up shopping experiences) before deciding on a permanent location. While I plan to open a brick and mortar location within the next year or so, I decided to start online because that is the most simple and effective way to reach a broad audience.

Who is the Silver & Gold Boutique Customer?

Silver & Gold Boutique carries pieces that are appropriate and flattering for a wide range of women. We cater to customers of many different ages, life stages, preferences, and economic backgrounds. We offer items at an affordable price point and pride ourselves on catering to a diverse, vibrant group of women!

Additionally, we have created a simple and easily accessible shopping experience for customers that seek the perfect gift for their girlfriend, wife, daughter, or granddaughter!

What should consumers expect to see while browsing your new online shopping destination?

Consumers can look forward to lots of texture, variety, and trending fashions on our brand new and beautifully designed website. They can also expect to see amazing quality! As a FIDM graduate, I am very particular when it comes to clothing. It is not all about fit – it’s about the cut, the fabric, the drape, the type of stitching used, etc.

When I select items for the shop, I ask myself, “Will this be comfortable for my customers to wear? Is the fabric going to last many washes? Is that seam placed in a figure-flattering location? Through earning a degree in Product Development, I’ve come to realize that there is truly no substitute for a trained eye in garment construction and fit. For this reason, I promise that my customers can expect to see pieces of excellent quality at an attainable price point on the Silver & Gold Boutique website.

Silver & gold Boutique: all Black

Your Launch party this last weekend was such a success, Congratulations!! Were you expecting such an amazing turnout?

Thank you so much! I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, all of whom inspired me to work towards starting my own business. I envisioned myself as a businesswoman from a very young age, so the day of the launch was truly a dream come true! The turn out was incredible and I am so appreciative of the diverse support network that I have. I was so happy to see many of my former USC classmates, Alpha Delta Pi sisters, FIDM classmates, parent and family friends, and life-long friends in attendance.

Will there be ways, other than online at, to shop your boutique?

Silver & Gold Boutique will be hosting pop-ups in the near future, in the USC area as well as the Orange County/Greater Los Angeles area! You can follow our Instagram to stay up-to-date on our upcoming events. We also offer convenient checkout options through our Pinterest and Facebook page.

Silver & gold BoutiqueWhat are you looking forward to in the year to come with your new venture? What goals do you have for your business?

My goal for my business is that every customer loves the way that they feel while wearing their clothing and accessories from Silver & Gold Boutique. I get so much joy out of seeing my customers satisfied with their purchases!

On the other hand, I hope to continue making meaningful connections, exercising my creative and entrepreneurial spirit, and thriving. It is truly a privilege to be dressing the amazing customers of Silver & Gold Boutique! I hope that they are just as inspired as I am by fashion!

All Photos Provided by Silver & Gold Boutique Photographed by Betsy Newman