Relationship Management vs. Networking

Relationship Management vs. Networking

How to Get Your Network to Work for You 


Everyone knows that networking is critical for every business professional in every industry.  It’s something that we are conditioned to do either by participating within our own organizations, attending industry events, joining professional groups, or by expanding our social media networks.  But there is a distinct difference between networking and relationship management, and mastering and understanding this dynamic will make you a champion in the world of “schmoozing.”  The real benefit of networking goes much deeper than your collection of business cards or social media followers.  How you cultivate and manage your relationships can help take your career to unimaginable levels.

Here are some thought provoking tips:

  • It is true that in business, relationships are everything! It is who you know and less of what you know so don’t you agree that Friendships are far more meaningful and important than business relationships? Look at every successful business entrepreneur and they will claim to have many “friends” and far less acquaintances.
  • Intimacy is often associated with love and personal relationship but what is paramount as one builds a business network, is that intimacy in business is just as, if not more important than in your “private” lives. Creating emotional connections with people is how you will have people remember you for a lifetime. There is some science behind this. We are creatures that typically lean to emotion and not logic, so getting emotionally and intimately familiar with people in your network is how great, lasting and sustainable relationships are cultivated.
  • People can spot a fake! As you manage your network and relationships, people typically don’t do business with others whom have agendas. Make meeting new people and learning from them a priority. Add a sensibility of being open to helping them too and you will make many friends without doubt.
  • Not everything has to be about making money. Living a life of purpose is what people are drawn to and if yours is about trying to leverage your network for your own personal and financial gains, this will not lead to a successful path of networking.
  • Relationships cannot be a one-way street. Exclusively seeking out help from people and not offering anything in return is not a way to build lasting connections. Look to offer your advice, support, your service and your self and you will be adored and remembered by many.

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