Quick Hair Ideas for Day 2 and beyond

Quick Hair Ideas

Day 2 Hair Quick Fixes

I need some quick hair ideas! I’ve been “training” my hair not to be washed everyday and my day 2 hair is a hot mess. I needed help so I went to the mecca of all inspiration, Pinterest, for a little help. It was recently explained to me by our go-to glam gal, Nicci, that if I wanted to get out of the habit of washing my hair daily then I needed to train my hair, and it would take a month. Oh great, I thought, every other day of hair looking like I’m a homeless woman, that’s not ideal when my career is making others look their best. So I decided to find a few hair styles that would work for me and I figured I’m not the only gal that could use inspiration.

1. The Low Pony w/ Volume

This is my personal easy breezy go to. It’s simple for any novice. On day two add your favorite brand of dry shampoo. (Tip I learned… If you put the dry shampoo in before bed it seams to work a bit better-for me at least) Part you hair where you’d like, comb back, secure, wrap a strand of hair around the elastic band and pin. Like I said, easy breezy and done in less than 5 minutes.

quick hair ideas on oc style reportPhoto: Pinterst

2. Half up w/ Braids

I’m a master of braids on anyone else but on myself I’m useless. I can only do a simple braid, thats why I love this look. On each side make a simple braid, secure each side, bring braids together in back and secure, wrap ends around and pin. Wrapping hair around the elastic give a finished look to messy hair styles.

quick hair ideas on oc style reportPhoto: Pinterest

3. Not a Braid, Braid

Not to worry if you can’t do braids at all. Secure hair in low pony then do your best with a couple of twist and secure again.

quick hair ideas on oc style reportPhoto: Pinterest

4. Make the Most out of your Bobby Pins

This one is pretty self explanatory. Tip: make sure the texture side of the bobby pin is down and place the bobby pin at the bottom of the triangle last.

quick hair ideas on oc style reportPhoto Source: Cosmopolitan 

5. Major Mess Bun

I mean does this need any explanation? I didn’t think so.

main.original.640x0c-4Photo: Camilla Pihl

6. Half-up Upside Down Bun

Secure your half up hair. Twist and loop into an upside down bun and pin.

main.original.640x0c-3Photo: Pinterest

We’d love to hear your thoughts, simply comment.

Featured Image Source: Camilla Pihl

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