I Can’t Stop Decorating: Volume 1 My Obsession with Poufs, Pillows and Pinterest

Poufs, Pillows and Pinterest

I think I need an Intervention…

How many of you have gone to pinterest for some home decor inspiration and have gotten completely overwhelmed and/or obsessed with pinning home stuff? I know I’m not alone with this one. Ok, so really this is more of a confession than a post about decor ideas, but I’ll try by the end of this to be helpful. Fun fact about me, I can’t stop buying pillows! I put them everywhere on every piece of furniture you can sit or lay on. To be honest, I’ve always had a thing for pillows but in the last few months since I’ve been updating the decor of my home it’s gone a little next level.

At the beginning of the year a had a little bit of extra money to put into updating my living room. I wanted to make the most out of my money, so I went to pinterest for some inexpensive, creative ideas. First I found Ikea Hacks, OMG I fell in love (those will be in this “I can’t stop decorating” series). Not only could I save money but it was an opportunity for a new project. I love that, plus it makes the budget go further, which means I could buy more pillows I totally didn’t need. From there it was a slippery slope to my home decor pinning addiction. I can’t leave out how many poufs I bought and returned because, “they’re just not right”. But throughout it all I did find light at the end of the tunnel and learned a few things I’d like to share in what I’m calling “I can’t stop decorating” series.

The first thing I needed to figure out was my style. I had an idea of what I liked but I needed to find inspiration that both worked with my space and current furniture pieces; so began my pinterest journey. We all think we know our style but do we? If you do, great! But if you’re anything like me and like more than one style, trying to figure out how to put it all together in a cohesive way that will make your home feel like you can be a bit challenging, so take your time.

This is the first big trick I learned, how to determine and narrow down my style. I began with downloading inspiration pictures from pinterest (not pining) all the looks I liked. I put all the inspiration pics into a folder. I did this periodically over a couple of weeks. After a bit of time I looked at all the pictures and a distinct style emerged. This was great for me because now I had a budget and style direction. Now it was time to make the most out of my budget by finding the items on my list in the style I needed within my budget. It was time to take inspiration into reality.

Here are some of my inspiration pictures. I’m sure you too will see a color and texture pattern emerge.

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Stay tuned for more tips I picked up as a novice updating my home decor on a budget. In the next  volume of my “I Can’t Stop Decorating” series are tips and tricks on executing your inspiration.

All Photos Sourced from Pinterest.