Pin it to Win it


The Business of Social Media

With seventy million users, Pinterest has been dominating the internet as, “the world’s first and biggest discovery engine.” Pinterest brings structure and organization to all the doer’s and creative minds out there. Pinterest was created in March of 2010 by co-founders: Ben Silbermanm, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra. Here are a few statistics that will allow you to see the success Pinterest is earning.

  • Percentage of users that are women: 80%
  • Percentage of US adult men that use Pinterest: 13%
  • Percentage of European internet users that have an account: 8%
  • Percentage of Americans that Pin during work hours: 4.8%
  • Number of users that have connected their accounts to Facebook: 9 million
  • Number of users in Mexico: 1.2 million
  • Total number of pins to date: 30 billion
  • Total number of boards created to date: 750 million
  • Number of business accounts: about 500,000
  • Percentage of US online shoppers that bought something as a result of a Pinterest recommendation: 47%
  • 25% of Global Fortune 100 companies have accounts

Pinterest provides technical news and updates, user help and suggestion links as well as a direct link for Journalists to get questions answered faster. Pinterest has become so much more than a place for people to comment, like or re-pin ideas to categorized boards to reference later. Businesses are using Pinterest for marketing tactics by posting pictures of their products. Once a user clicks the “visit site” link they are now learning about, not only the product, but the business that posted the pins as well. Pinterest was originally set up for tablets but is accessible by phones and desktops too.

Want to promote your business? Pins are now worth more than Facebook likes. Pinterest is now holding “Pinstitute”  events to help show businesses the best way to use it. Up until now, Pinterest confined it’s categories to thirty. They are now talking about sub-categorizing the categories to make searches more specific. For instance, under the category Sports will be sub-categories like Soccer or Dance. Pinterest keeps it’s audience intrigued through guides, tutorials, and DIY pins.

Pinterest is like a fantasy world. You can dream through the images about being in Greece, Italy, and islands with clear blue waters. You can take incredible ideas and introduce them into your home, studio, office, and more. You can also try out new beauty ideas, kid games and recipes. The options are truly endless.

Pinterest opens your imagination allowing your eyes to wonder endlessly through pages and pages of images that are unique to your taste. Users scroll for hours at a time retrieving new ideas, discovering newness, and pleasing the brain with their very own interests. One of the most convenient features of Pinterest is the never-ending pages that load automatically without any wait time. This takes out button-clicking. Pinterest has taken away refrigerator notes and corkboard planners. I have learned from the multiple articles that I have read that Pinterest is going to be bigger than Facebook and Google. This online business has more potential than people realize. Pinterest is our future!

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