Makeup Tips for the Everyday Business Woman

Makeup Tips for the Office

The term “dress for success” often refers to the clothing that you wear, and as much as we’re told not to judge a book by it’s cover, we can’t help but be critical of other people’s appearances in the corporate world. As Six Sigma puts it, “dressing in proper business attire is important because it gives the message that you are dedicated to your position.”

These smart business looks that we try to achieve on a daily basis not only set us up for success with our future endeavors, but they also give a sense of empowerment that we sometimes feel with a new outfit that flatters us in all the right places. In fact, a number of women’s clothing brands, including Woman Within, have joined global campaigns to build confidence through work-appropriate attire which would enable ladies to seek opportunities and advance their careers throughout their lifetime.

But clothes aren’t the only assets at our disposal that also empower us females. In fact, the way you wear your hair and makeup can carry just as much weight as your navy blue pantsuit. To achieve the head-to-toe professional look, here are a few recommendations and everyday makeup tips:

Be careful with your smoky eyes

Smoky eye makeup is very powerful and can really bring out the glimmer in your eyes, but it’s important that you stick with your day smoky shades to avoid looking like you’re heading out to the club. Bustle suggests that you stick with brown, mauve, taupe, and espresso hues to keep it neutral.

Makeup Tips for the Office

Blush where you naturally flush

Having rosy cheeks are a subtle way of shaping your face without contouring, all the while keeping your look natural. To find those cheek bones, suck in those cheeks ANTM-style.

Makeup Tips for the Office

Only matte for your lips!

Glitter and gloss are way too distracting for the workplace. Although Stylish and Trendy explains that nude shades are the most appropriate for the office, there’s no need to limit yourself to your beige and frosted skin sticks. Mattes are great for work; just make sure the shade isn’t too dramatic and that it doesn’t attract too much attention.

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