Layering 101: Tip, Tricks & Trends

Layering 101: Tips on Layering

Layering 101: Knowing how-to-layer in Southern California is a MUST. Proportion is key. This time of year (actually almost year round) our weather goes from warm to cool and back again in a matter of minutes. There are a few tips to layering that will help achieve layering perfection. The last thing you want is to ruin an outfit because the sun came out and you had to ditch the cool layer to your outfit. Here are some general guidelines for basic layering.

Fabric Weight: The lightest weight garment typically should be closest to your skin as the heaviest should be the last regardless of the number of layers. This works all year round. In the warmer months layer with cotton and linen and in cooler months cashmere and leather; either way it’s the same principal.

Layering 101: Tips on Layering

Texture: One of my favorite ways to layer is with varied textures. I love how fabric textures play off each other. A good rule of thumb is a similar principal as with fabric weight, the heavier the texture the more likely to style as an outer layer.

Layering 101: Tips on Layering

Proportion: This is really what layering is all about, the proportions of each garment relative to each other and to the body. Height, body shape and one’s desired silhouette plays into balancing all proportions including layering. Knowing one’s body and the desired silhouette is the key to style in general.

For example, a woman who wants to highlight her hourglass shape will want to show of the smallest part of her body, her waist. To do this she needs to wear bottoms that come up around her natural waist and a top that stops right at her waist, like a crop top or a tucked in blouse. When picking an outer layer one must consider both where this layer ends on the body and the shape of the outer layer. Three good options to show off an hour glass shape are: a cropped jacket, a fitted blazer that cuts in the middle (not boxy) or a long layer that hit’s past the hips.

Layering 101: Tips on Layering
The Long and Short of it:
Another aspect of layering is where each garment hits your body. This truly depends on what you are wearing. Above, the “hourglass” example given was more about silhouette. This next part is about the actual length of each garment. An easy guideline is to have each of your top layers about 2-3 inch difference from each other. Now, like all things fashion, these guidelines are just a staring point. There are no rules in fashion. Here are some of my favorite modern ways to layer.

Layering 101: Tips on LayeringPhoto Source: Ohh Couture
Layering 101: Tips on LayeringPhoto Source: Shine by ThreeLayering 101: Tips on LayeringPhoto Source: We Wore What

Layering 101: Tips on LayeringPhoto Source: Fashion Gone Rogue