How to Get Cool Girl Hair Texture

Beach Waves 

Cool Girl Texture 101

Need a little more edgy texture than beach waves? We’ve got you covered! We teamed up with one of coolest salons in Costa Mesa, Salty Blonde Cut Co. and had owner, Brittany Reenan, show us how to achieve edgy texture.

First, you’ll need a few things…. For this tutorial you’ll need a straightening iron for your cool girl texture. Plus a heat protector (Brittany recommends EVO Hot Tool Shaper) and your go-to hair spray. Let’s get started!

How to achieve the perfect edgy beach waves with costa mesa salon, salty blonde cut co

Section your hair starting with the bottom layer. Put the rest of your hair in a bun on the top of your head.

Evo icon welder. Make sure to use a hear protectant in your hair before styling your beach waves

Apply heat protector.

Start on preferred side of hair with the top of the iron facing down. Taking one inch sections of hair, slowly pull hair in downward motion through the flat iron. This will create a subtle curl. Make sure NOT to curl the ends of the hair, and WATCH YOUR FINGERS.

Step by step video tutorial on how to achieve the perfect beach waves with a flat iron

Curl the next section in the opposite direction. Have the iron top facing up and slowly pull straightener through the hair.

Beach Waves: How to curl your hair with a flat iron

Alternate the sections all the way around to the other side of your head to complete the bottom layer.

How to curl your own hair using a straightener. Achieve amazing texture using your flat iron

Create the perfect beach waves using your flat iron

Pull down your middle layer of hair.

For this middle layer, you’re going to alternate techniques.

Start by keeping the flat iron level; And you’re going to twist your wrist back and forth as you pull the iron down the section of hair. This technique allows for a differently textured wave. See next three photos for an example.

We're bringing you the top two techniques used to create the perfect beach waves and curl your hair with a straightener

The two techniques hair professionals use to curl your hair with a flat iron

For the next section of hair keep the top of the iron pointing up and slowing pull the iron through the hair, leaving the ends straight. (Just like the second section from above)

easy steps to creating the perfect beach waves

Repeat these techniques all the way around.

Easy step by step process on how to create the perfect wavy hair with a flat iron

Want that perfect tousled beach wave hair? Learn How the pros curl their hair with a flat iron.

Let the rest of your hair down and, using the above mentioned techniques, finish the top layer the way you prefer around your face and the crown of your head.

Platinum blonde hair with beach waves

Gently tousle with fingers and there are you have it, edgy beach waves.