Getting Personal with Christa Paarni of Salvaged Soul

Up Close + Personal with Christa Paarni


Builder, Influencer, Rebel, Mama, & Wife

Christa Paarni a.k.a Salvaged Soul and Co-Founder of Riot Social Club is amazing; to know her is to love her. Of course that’s the simple reason I jumped on the opportunity to hang out at her home with her kids to do a little “work”. There are times busy creatives have to collaborate on projects just hang with friends. This was precisely the catalyst for our collaboration.

One of my favorite things about a collaboration is getting the opportunity to work with new talented people. Apple Canyon Designs is the company responsible for the behind the scenes video. This husband & wife team are beyond impressive and generous. I can’t wait to see the full video coming soon to Salvaged Soul.


Christa made a name for her self with her company Salvaged Soul. Salvaged Soul is one of Southern California’s go to for custom wood furniture, doors and decor. Christa’s roster of celebrity clients range from rock stars like Leann Rimes (yes, thee Leann Rimes) and Lit front man, to a bevy of OC House Wives including Tamra Judge & Meghan King Edmonds. Christa has also put her custom builtins in both locations of one of our favorite boutiques, Swirl.

Christa’s hard work, talent and infectious personality has made her a rising star at the age of 27. Christa has some very cool, big things coming up. So stay tuned to all things Christa Paarni.

Christa Paarni of Salvaged Soul


As Christa’s business and connections grew, she wanted a forum to share what she had learned with others. As a result her and friend Erica Perebijnos, co-founded The Riot Social Club. This networking group was an instant hit with just about every hardworking woman in Southern California. Christa leveraged her celebrity friends and female business owners to share their knowledge to help up-and-coming and young business grow.

This is exactly why to know Christa is to love her. Being generous with your knowledge is a rare thing. She is the perfect of example how what you put out into the world you get back…. And for Christa, it’s nothing but good vibes!

Christa Paarni of Salvaged Soul


I love a rebel and Christa is the best kind of rule breaker! Christa has gone about her life on her own terms. Family, work and marriage did not need to be in any particular order, and nothing has stopped this hardworking mom (now wife) the builder from pursuing her dreams of being an entrepreneur.

Christa Paarni of Salvaged Soul


Young, playful, fun, and engaged, this hot mama is dedicated to being the best mom for her sons. Whether is swinging at the park, going for ice cream, dirt bike riding, or the tons of other fun activities she and her husband have made family time fun. Christa & Jesse’s sons Kashe & River are beyond adorable.

Christa Paarni of Salvaged Soul

Christa Paarni of Salvaged Soul


On October 1st 2016 Christa married her long time boyfriend and father of River and Kashe.  For those of you who want know Christa on a personal level you need to check out the beautiful personal post about how much Jesse and the boys mean to Christa’s life; they are her life.

This beautiful hardworking mother and wife has everything life has the offer and she’s still humble, sweet, hardworking and generous.

Christa Paarni of Salvaged Soul

Christa Paarni of Salvaged Soul

I’m happy to call Christa my friend. I enjoyed every minute of hanging out with her and her sons. I look forward to watching her grow in her career and with her family.

On behalf of Christa, Katie & I we’d like to take a moment and give a special THANK YOU to Swirl Boutique and Cleobella for providing the wardrobe and to be honest most of the styling thanks to Lisa + Lisa.


Muse: Christa Paarni Crawford //Stylists: Lisa Landers + Lisa Nicolle (Swirl Boutique) + Katie Keyes// Hair: Lauren Bixler// Makeup: Courtney Purdie// Photography: Rachael Dickens// Video: Apple Canyon Designs

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