Are Foundation Concealer Hybrids the Future of Makeup?

Are Foundation Concealer Hybrids the Future of Makeup?

Anyone who follows my blog will know two things about me: (1) I am a pretty dedicated BB Cream/Tinted Sunscreen user, and (2) When I do reach for a foundation, I go for Image Skincare’s I Conceal Flawless Foundation SPF 30. This little-known formula debuted in March 2015 and became an instant favorite in my makeup bag. Admittedly, I totally prefer a lighter look and feel on a day-to-day basis (hence my love for BB’s and tinted sunscreens), but a recent shout out to Foundation Concealer hybrids got me super excited about their emerging popularity, and inspired me to discuss the pros of this formula type with you!

So, are they the future of makeup? I would say: ABSOLUTELY, yes! But the truth is, everyone has their preferences when it comes to coverage and formula. With that in mind, I can say that foundation concealer hybrids are incredibly convenient for a number of reasons:

1.     Two Formulas in One: purchasing a quality foundation and concealer separately can be pricey, and requires you to break it up into two steps. Foundation Concealer hybrids afford you the convenience of both a foundation and a concealer in just one tube. Meaning more money in your wallet, and less loose floating product in your makeup bag.

2.     Full Coverage: If you are a full coverage gal, you can expect to get that out of this hybrid. Something you want to look out for: product that feels heavy. Don’t be afraid to play around with your options; some might feel heavier than others, and some may work better for your skin type.

3.     Not Too Heavy: Building on the last point, if you typically find concealers to be too heavy for your taste, foundation concealer hybrids might be more up your alley. Yes, they provide wonderful coverage, but they are also lightweight enough to be used on your entire face.

4.     Variety of Formulas: Despite this trend being relatively new, there are a number of different formulas on the market! From liquid, to powder, you can choose your formula type and enjoy!

5.     Two-In-One or the One: In case you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, foundation-concealer hybrids tend to come in two different forms. A “Two-in-One” formula contains two parts in one packaging (the two products come in one package, but are kept separate from one another). This is for anyone who enjoys having two separate formulas, but wants the convenience of having it all in one package. “The One”, as I like to lovingly refer to it, contains one formula that is designed to work as your foundation and concealer in one (this is the category the Image formula I use falls under).

What Should You Look For in a Foundation Concealer Formula? This really depends on what you are looking for. That being said, there are some things you might like to specifically seek out. If layering your foundation over a sunscreen is not something you prefer to do, look for formulas that come with SPF built in (preferably SPF 30+). There is also no shortage of beauty with benefits on the skin care market, so don’t be afraid to hold out for formulas that deliver benefits. Healing, lightening, anti-aging are up there on the list of benefits people love and brands like to fulfill.

Haven’t Heard of the Foundation Concealer Trend Yet? Do a quick Google search! I was beyond excited to learn that it is projected to be a huge hit for Spring 2016, and can’t wait to see how others embrace this more recent beauty trend.