Fall Foods that Help You Achieve Beautiful Skin

Want to Achieve Beautiful Skin?

These 10 Fall Foods will Help

As a skin care professional, I am often asked if diet really plays into the quality of your skin. And I am here to answer with a resounding, YES! The saying “you are what you eat” shouldn’t be taken too literally, but a healthy diet can, indeed, boost the quality, health, and appearance of your skin. And in the spirit of one of my favorite seasons (here’s looking at you, autumn) I want to share some of my favorite fall foods for achieving healthy, beautiful skin!

fall foods for beautiful skin with skincare by alanaFall Food #1: Pumpkin & Squash

Obviously, I have to start with one of my favorite fall staples! Both of these delicious fruits (yes, they are fruit) are an excellent source of Vitamin A, beta-carotene, and fiber. Both peak between the months of October-February, so it is important to get your fill while you can. Pumpkin and squash can help to promote a clearer complexion, with reduced inflammation.

One of my favorite ways to eat these bad boys? I like to halve them, empty out the centers, and bake with brown sugar and coconut oil for a sweet and savory dish that is as effortless as it is simple.

Pumpkin Skincare Product Pick: Of course, this one is easy. I’m absolutely in love with my Alana Mitchell Foaming Pumpkin Cleanser. I wanted to create a cleanser that incorporated Pumpkin Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, and more to deliver healthy, glowing skin and clean, refined pores. I couldn’t be more happy with how my cleanser turned out!

fall foods for beautiful skin with skincare by alanaFall Food #2: Sweet Potatoes

Much like squash and pumpkin above, I absolutely love sweet potatoes for their simplicity and ease. A wonderful source of Vitamins A, B, and C, potatoes are great for preventing acne, and helping to calm it down when a breakout occurs. As for your overall health, sweet potatoes (specifically the orange ones) are said to help boost immunity, deliver anti-carcinogenic properties, and help to control blood sugar. These are an incredibly starchy snack, so be sure to enjoy them in moderation. But the health and skin benefits of eating these little treats are wonderful!

fall foods for beautiful skin with skincare by alanaFall Food #3: Beets

Have you ever wondered why every “glow” juice contains beets? Simple: because this fabulous fall staple delivers beautiful skin-boosting properties. Beets can actually increase the oxygen-carrying ability of your blood, which means your skin will appear healthier and more energized!  Beets are also an amazing source of the potent antioxidant anthocyanin, which helps to reduce inflammation and boost a more youthful looking appearance.

fall foods that are great for your skinFall Food #4: Brussels Sprouts

I know many of you are probably rolling your eyes at this one, but I promise that with the right preparation, brussels sprouts can be delicious. And the benefits will simply be an added bonus once you figure that out. A half cup of this delicious veggie contains a tremendous amount of Vitamin K (a fabulous vitamin for anti-aging), as well as folate and iron for boosting your overall health! Looking for a delicious brussels sprouts recipe? Head over to Pinterest, there are seriously brussels sprouts recipes galore!

fall foods with skin benefitsFall Food #5: Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! And, evidently helps to boost the health and appearance of your skin as well! Apples are chock full of antioxidants and dietary fiber that help to support a happy and youthful complexion. Bonus: Even though apple picking season runs from August to November, you can easily find them at your grocery store year-round!

Apple Skincare Product Pick: I love Epicuren’s Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel (in fact, if I had to choose a second-favorite pumpkin product, this would be it!). This exfoliating formula smells amazing, and helps to deliver smooth, radiant skin, both immediately and more-so in the long term! This product is rumored to be a favorite of Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall, so you know it must be fabulous!

get healthier skin by eating these fall foodsFall Food #6: Dates

I absolutely love fall dates, both with my husband and the kind that you can easily chomp as a snack! Great for satisfying any sweet tooth, dates are low in fat, high in fiber, and an excellent source of a variety of skin-boosting vitamins and minerals such as potassium, sodium, zinc, niacin, folate, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K.

fall foods for beautiful skin with skincare by alanaFall Food #7: Pears

Light, crisp, and refreshing, pears are rich in Vitamin C, Copper, and Fiber, all of which help to support firmer, more youthful looking skin. Eat them on their own, or incorporate them into a salad! The bottom line: eat them, because they are wonderful for you.

fall foods for beautiful skin with skincare by alanaFall Food #8: Tangerines

Harvested between the months of November and April, tangerines are a wonderful way to add some zest to your diet. These cute little citrus treats are a great source of Vitamin C (one of my favorite anti-aging ingredients) and beta-carotene (another favorite anti-ager of mine). They taste amazing on their own, or with a variety of different fruits and veggies. These are definitely one of my favorite skin-boosting foods to snack on during the fall and winter months.

fall foods for beautiful skin with skincare by alanaFall Food #9: Pomegranates

If multiple benefits are what you seek, look no further than the beloved pomegranate. This antioxidant rich fruit (though messy) can help to boost skin smoothness and elasticity while also helping to reduce acne and inflammation. I recommend getting your pomegranate fix from the fruit itself, as many of the juices contain high amounts of added sugars. Just remember to enjoy it when you aren’t wearing white! 😉

fall foods for beautiful skin with skincare by alanaFall Food #10: Carrots

Yes, carrots are a fall veggie! And these amazing orange sticks are packed with skin-protecting, anti-aging beta-carotene. Much like many of my favorites above, you can munch these alone or with a combination of different foods. These are a staple in my household!

Carrot Skincare Product Pick: If you want to nix any signs of dryness, reach for iLike’s Carotene Essentials Moisturizer. The formula is lightweight, but incredibly hydrating, and includes amazing ingredients like apples, carrots, and cantaloupe.