Edgy Girls’ Favorite Neutral: Army Green

The Edgy Neutral: Army Green

I’m not sure why, but adding army green to your look always seems to give it a little edge. Who doesn’t like a little edge to their looks. Even if your style is girly or classic, we all like a great army cargo jacket. Mixing up the styles you love is what will give you, your unique style. I have a vintage army jacket I love. It’s beat up with holes and the ends are frayed, but the second I put it on my outfit looks edgier.

Collage Vintage
Army green jacket and culottesStyle Du Monde
army green jacket with white fringe dress
Army green button up with black leather skirt
army green bomber jacket, grey dress and mustard bootsVogue Mexico Photo by Aldo Decaniz
army green and rust© Getty Images

army green and chambray

army green and beige

army green jumpsuitCollage Vintage
mixing different shades of army greenCollage Vintage 
army green coat and denimMan Repeller

oversized army green bomber jacket with black cropped flares

army green floral print© Getty Images

army green coat

monochromatic army greenCollage Vintage
army green and overallsPinterest
Photos Sourced from Pinterest unless otherwise Credited

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