Bookworm Recommendation: #GIRLBOSS

Bookworm Recommendation: #GIRLBOSS

“The only thing I smoke, is my competition”  
-Sophia Amoruso

Why most of us don’t read on a regular basis brings one word to mind: BUSY. One of my promises to myself this year, was that this excuse was going to be conquered. And so it starts, I can’t stop reading. My first book of the year, picked up only three days ago (and almost finished) was #GIRLBOSSS by Sophia Amoruso, the owner and Founder of one of my favorite shopping empires: Nasty Gal.


This book, exceeds the word empowering and has left me feeling encouraged, inspired and wanting to work a little bit harder every time I put it down. It has been a VERY long time since I have found a book this good. From starting a small vintage ebay page to building a $250 million dollar empire, we can all take a page out of Sophia’s book #GIRLBOSS. Literally. Having a woman who truly believes in herself and who is willing to share her struggles, and admit she is not perfect, is a great example for the rest of us. With society pressuring us to be so perfect, to never make mistakes, and to hide the fact that we indeed need to fail first to succeed, sometimes makes us feel like we are a disappointment, because we don’t necessarily “fit in” – the message in this book, really turns this perspective around.

Sophia has in fact changed the fashion industry and young individuals outlooks, by bringing her unique and one of a kind taste to Nasty Gal, and changing the way we think about style. One of the main rules she follows; quality, not quantity. Each piece at Nasty Gal is bought in small quantities, once sold out on the website, it is gone for good. This to me as an individual inspires uniqueness, and also is one of the smartest marketing strategies to date. When new styles are released, she has people flocking to the website to get their newest, Nasty Gal, one of a kind pieces. She also recently introduced “Nasty Gal” Vintage, which ties back into her original ideas from Ebay, except now they are bigger and better. These price points are MUCH higher than her clothing, but it also offers a whole new window of opportunity to her business, bringing two totally different demographics together, to shop in the same place, which as we know in the industry, it is hard to find somewhere where you can get both. Another win for Sophia!