Beth Jones Part 2: Thrift Store Challenge

Fan Girl Part 2

The Thrift Store Challenge

with B. Jones Style

Where to start…… I know in part 1 of Fan Girl I gushed about Beth. One of the reasons I was so excited to share about Beth, and her amazing style, has really more to do with who she is. Not long after we first meet we met up again, to chat about collaboration ideas. Because you know I wanted to have a bit of B. Jones Style rub off on me. Anyway, Beth invited me to go thrifting and play dress up. Of course I jumped at the chance to go thrifting with the master.

We hatched a plan for our shopping expedition, we were on the hunt for current spring trends including military (more a staple then a trend), bold stripes and ruffles. Having a plan is vital to shopping in general but especially when it comes to thrifting, resale and vintage. Having a plan is easy, it’s simply knowing what you want. When it comes to thrifting you really need to know what you’re looking for so don’t get overwhelmed. It’s really fun and easy! Whether it’s for first time or you’ve been before, it’s time to go on a thrifting shopping adventure.

Check out my shopping date with Beth.

A Big THANK YOU to Beth for this fun video! Enjoy!

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