Beauty Talk with Kristy Reed

Beauty Talk

with Salon 74 lxxiv Owner Kristy Reed

Beauty talk with owner of salon 74, Kristy ReedA Southern California native living in San Clemente, Kristy Reed has only ever worked in the beauty industry. ‘Its all I know, but I know it well.’ Kristy is the owner of the beautiful Salon 74. Located on the Lake in Rancho Santa Margarita, Salon 74 houses some of the most talented stylists of OC.  Kristy is without a doubt a successful woman in business, but when she’s not busy at the salon she is on her boat! Or doing something else fun and creative! Whether it is cooking, decorating, crafting, or more often than not, doing something style/beauty related, she always has her hand in something fun! With Kristy’s 25+ years in the beauty industry, she was of course next on our list to chat with for our favorite beauty segment. Kristy Reed.

Lets Talk Beauty

My Beauty Essentials include…

Kristy Reed Beauty essentials: bag balm used on your lipsBag Balm for my lips (used since I was a child and NEVER get chapped lips)

Tweezers. Tweezerman is my go to!

Kristy Reed Beauty Essentials: aveda Beautifying oilAveda Beautifying oil for all over my body after my bath or shower. It leaves me silky smooth without getting ashy skin durning the day.

Beauty essentials for your hair: Unite U oilUnite U Oil for my hair.

It is like a miracle for my blonde brittle hair. We sell this at the salon! So come snag yours, or call us!

After washing my face, the first step in my morning skin routine is… Plucking my chin!!! Not even kidding… I don’t know who to thank in my gene pool for this?

The most important product I use on my face is…

Diorshow airbrush foundation is perfect for aging skin says kristy reedDior Skin AirFlash Foundation!

This is the best for my aging skin type. Doesn’t clog my doors or settle in lines and leaves me with a dewy finish.

I put my Eye Makeup or Foundation on first because… I know the pros do it opposite, but I don’t do a heavy eye. So, I start with the whole face then focus on each feature separately.

When it comes to lip service I’m…

     A. Neutral

B. Bold

  C. Matte

 D. Gloss

E. All of the above! Depends on my outfit or my mood!

My Current Beauty Obsessions are… Ok I am not going to sugar coat this. I am a beauty product whore! I love it all! But the one thing I use all the time and can’t live without are my

Current beauty obsession include these round makeup brushes by artisArtis brushes!

The smooth makeup perfectly without leaving behind lines or smears.

In my makeup bag, I always carry… I don’t carry a makeup bag! But there is always a minimum of 3 lip glosses at the bottom of my purse. A fresh lip can keep you looking good, even if you’re a hot mess!

beauty drawer/vanity goalsI Started wearing makeup when I was… in 4th grade. My mom put together a shoebox of her old makeup for my twin and I to play with. It was stocked full of blue eyeshadow, pink blush and bright lipsticks! We were not allowed to go to school with our “faces on” but we certainly paraded around the house like we were hot stuff!

My hair is most likely to be… One of my husbands favorite things about me, he will tell you, is that I have so many different looks! One day my hair is straight, another it is in a bun and more often than not it is curled.


My second day hair routine is… Dry shampoo!!! And a hat 😉 My Fave..

Second day hair routine not complete without balmain dry shampooBalmain dry shampoo

This is another product we sell at the salon. So come see us!


My most regrettable beauty decision was… When I cut my hair super short and dyed it DARK BROWN. I still look back at photos and cringe. Now I know why I was single back then. Ha!

My beauty tips for you are…

Kristy Reed, owner of salon 74, shares her beauty tipsDrink water, If you are dehydrated your skin will appear crapey. And you will wrinkle and break out much easier.

Wear sunscreen! As our hormones change our skin can fall victim! We get brown spots form either hyper pigmentation caused by surges of hormones during pregnancy, and also mid life hormone dips or from acne scars. I recommend Epicuren zinc oxide sunscreen.

Moisturize! I wish I would have started this sooner! I always thought if I put lotion on my face I would break out. Major misconception! Drying your skin out can cause an increase in sebum which can cause breakouts. I love my Epicuren Evening emulsion

Wash your face before bed every night. Im really bad at this one but when I do my skin is so much better! And of course I always use my Epicuren Gel cleanser.

If you couldn’t tell, I love Epicuren products for my skin. And of course we sell these in the salon as well!

And for more beauty tips from Kristy Reed, check out some of her How To’s HERE!