5 Holiday Decorating Tips to Keep your Chic Home Chic


Does holiday decorating stress you out? Do you feel a design ‘disconnect’ because the ‘typical’ holiday accessories clash with your home and don’t reflect your style? A Christmas tree suddenly lands in your uber cool, mid-century living room and well…now, it’s not so cool.  Yep, I’ve been there and will admit, I’m not a ‘red and green’ fan.  But, there is a way to have a sophisticated and modern holiday while still incorporating some of the traditional, more sentimental elements and colors.  My suggestion?  Embrace white.  White is the ultimate backdrop (or black and white) for a pop of color.  Pick one that works with you’re existing style and keep it simple. Edit what you don’t need to eliminate clutter.  I’ve broken down 5 cool spaces below and shared some tips on achieving a modern twist for the holiday!  The result will be a fresh, inviting space that’s cohesive with the rest of your home.

Happy Decorating….xo PO


WHITE lights are my go-to always.  Keeps everything looking fresh and clean!

Picmonkey tree
Photo source: (houzz.com)


White walls can be a blank canvas for rich saturated colors of eggplant, teal and orange. Love the tree…Get creative with color!

Picmonkey saturated color
Photo source: (sweethomedesign2013.blogspot.design.com)


Glass cylinders are great when used in varying heights and sizes and they reflect the light.  Fill the larger ones with ornaments in different sizes for a modern accent.

pic monkey branches and cylinders
Photo source: (dianacondesso.blogspot.com)

4.  Pick 3 colors to work with.

In this example: robin egg blue, silver and white is sophisticated and fun but still feels festive!

Photo source: (zuhairahhomeinteriordesign.blogspot.com



Ok, so I’m a bit opinionated when it comes to candles. Keep candles ivory or white – you want to draw attention to the ‘light’ not the color of the candle…Just sayin:-)

Photo source: (room-decorating-ideas.com)

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