The 2017 Trend Any Girl can Wear: Statement Earrings

Statement Earrings

The Spring Trend Anyone can Wear

Earrings – the staple of accessories, the epitome of chicness, the cherry on top of a perfect outfit. Statement earrings were seen across the runway at New York Fashion Week, and, needless to say, they’re making a comeback.  For earring lovers and novices alike, statement earrings might seem intimidating. We put together a guide of five different ways to incorporate the statement earring trend into your possibly earring-less wardrobe.


These earrings may not be a groundbreaking trend, but prepare to see them everywhere. Keep an eye out for bold, embellished, tassels in bright colors.  Pair them with a white tee and jeans, or dress it up with an off the shoulder silk top; these earrings make a great fit for almost any occasion. And they’re sure to be a conversation starter.

            Bike Pretty


You might have seen knotted earrings in a smaller, metal form, but larger earrings like these are coming in and we’re not mad about it.  Whether they’re made out of material or metal, the key to these earrings are size. The larger, the better!  These earrings go perfectly with a turtleneck or tank, so they are seasonally interchangeable.

Knotted Statement earrings             Honestly WTF


Looking back through the years, dangling earrings have been pretty popular throughout our childhood, teen years, etc.  The layered earring is like dangling earring’s cooler, more mature cousin. Instead of the metal 90’s chains that hung with, probably, a star at the end, these earrings are more updated and complex, with several layers and details added in. Wear them with a simple top to accentuate their boldness.

            Tell me no Lies

Asymmetric Hoops

If you’re anything like Gretchen Weiners, you know the value of a good, white gold hoop. And, that these classic earrings will never go out of style. NYFW introduced us to several new types of metal hoops. Asymmetric, oversized, and flattened are giving this classic earring a more modern look. We are seriously obsessed with mismatched earrings!

            Alyssa in the City

Embellished Hoops

Embellished hoops made an appearance at NYFW as well! With details like flowers, gems, and beads accenting the earring in various ways and hanging from the bottom. Pair these with a classic button up with rolled sleeves, and a midi skirt for the ultimate girly vibe.

Layered Statement earrings            J. Crew
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