Waxing Questions you’re Too Embarrassed to Ask

The Waxing Questions you’re Too Embarrassed to Ask

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Getting waxed is not usually considered fun but it definitely beats being hunched over in the shower with your neck cramping, hoping you didn’t miss a spot.

However, as much as you want to ditch the razor for good, maybe you’re nervous (or downright terrified) of getting waxed. You might have some questions you desperately want answers to, but are far too embarrassed to say out loud.

If you’re thinking of going bare down there but you’re still a little uncertain, here are some of the most frequently asked waxing questions Carolyn Staples, Owner and Founder of OC Waxing & Aesthetics, receives on a daily basis.

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I’m nervous to bare my goodies to a stranger. Isn’t it weird for the waxer to stare at vaginas and other body parts all day?

If you ask any Waxer what their favorite service is, I can guarantee that the majority will shout out that they most enjoy performing Brazilian waxes. Our Waxologists take pride in making their clients feel comfortable, relaxed and refreshed while simultaneously giving them the best waxing experience they’ve ever had.

Whenever a client is nervous about showing her goods I ask, “Would you feel better if I show you my vagina? This instantly elicits a giggle, eases their nerves, and reminds clients that they’re definitely not the first or the last vagina I’ll see.

How do I know if I’m getting a good wax?

It’s important to remember that not all Waxologists are the same. And neither are their waxing techniques. Every salon trains their staff differently using different waxing methods. Understanding that certain techniques work better than others will help you figure out if you’re at the right waxing salon.

Just because a Waxer can do a Brazilian wax in 15 minutes doesn’t mean it’s a good wax. And it doesn’t mean they did a good job. Although having your wax done quickly might seem like the best way to avoid the pain, it’s totally not true. In fact, a speedy wax can often be way more painful. Speed waxing is often done by waxing larger sections of hair at a time. This can result in more missed hairs, more pain, and an angry, red vagina. At OC Waxing, we always use hard wax on smaller sections of hair for Brazilians. The hard wax shrink wraps around the hair without sticking to the skin. This allows the strip to be pulled off quickly and with ease. This waxing technique provides a more painless wax.

But really, how bad does it hurt?

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. And the feeling of pain can vary based on the body part being waxed.  To be totally honest, I get my Brazilian done every 4 weeks on the dot and I’m the biggest baby in the world. You’re gonna be okay, I promise!

I know the thought of having your vagina, or other body parts, waxed can seem a bit nerve racking. But, the pain will be minimal and quick when the right waxing techniques are used.

Waxing small areas at a time is less painful than placing strips on large areas. When it comes to waxing sensitive areas like your vagina, the smaller the sections, the less prolonged pain you will feel. Removing smaller sections of hair allows the waxer to be more methodical in making sure every single hair is removed, leaving you silky smooth.

Consistent waxing can greatly decrease the amount of discomfort you experience. Each time you wax, you are training your hair to all be on the same growth cycle. When all of your hair begins to grow at the same time it can all be removed at the same time, leaving you smooth for extended periods. Continuous waxing also weakens the hair follicle causing the hair that does grow back to come in finer and thinner. The result will be a lot less discomfort and, over time, less hair.

How long do I have to wait before I can get down and dirty?

Of course you’ll want to flaunt your fresh wax as soon as you can but hold off on activities that cause you to sweat, like sex, for at least 24 hours. After waxing, the hair follicle is open and susceptible to bacteria getting in. When bacteria or sweat (yours or your partners) gets into those open follicles, it can cause breakouts and ingrown hairs. You definitely don’t want that, right?! So before you get horizontal with your beau, give yourself 24 hours for the area to heal and the follicle to close. It’s way better to forgo a little hanky panky for 24 hours than to deal with breakouts and ingrown’s down below.

Do I have to be completely naked?

The amount of clothing you take off in the room is totally dependent upon the service you’re receiving. If you’re receiving an eyebrow wax, you can totally keep your pants on. We don’t ask you to strip down any more than you have to. But if you’re getting a bikini wax, you’ll need to drop your drawers because we’ve gotta see the goods. If you still don’t want to bare it all right away, we provide a cotton fabric cover so we just have sight of the specific area being waxed. Trust me, the first two minutes you might feel weird but our Waxers see these body parts all day long!

Embarassing waxing questions answered by the owner of OC Waxingwaxing questions

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