Watch an EASY Updo anyone CAN Do

How to Take your Messy Bun to the Next Level

We’re always looking for hair how-to’s we can actually do ourselves. So we asked our friends at Studio A Hair to help us with an easy updo anyone can do. Talk about taking your messy bun to another level…. I love this updo. It looks complicated but it’s really easy. If you can make a messy bun out of your pony tail then you’ve already got this.

“This is a great easy updo for gal with fine, straight hair, like myself” says Audrey.

Watch the video to see Audrey in action (BTW don’t forget to subscribe ). Plus, here are some step by step instruction is that’s more your speed. Happy Styling!

1. Start by curling hair all over with a large barrel curling iron. This will help give hair a little texture for the buns.

How to take your messy bun to the next level

2. Spray the front of hair for a little added lift and texture.

How to style fine hair

3. Pull a small section of  bangs (this works for both long and short bangs) and secure with bobby pin(s).

4. Take another small section and create a small pony tail. Repeat this until you have 4-5 section of small pony tails.

Fine Hair Updo Anyone Can Do

Last Minute Hair Ideas Anyone Can Do

How to style your updo like a pro

5. Make a messy bun of each pony tail until they create a “faux hawk”.

How to style your fine hair like a pro

6. Last but not least, pull pieces until you have them perfectly messy.

Easy Hair Styles for Gals with Fine Hair

An Easy Updo you can do your self

A Special Thanks to our Friends at Studio A Hair + Audrey Honeycutt for this How-to!


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