Have You Tried this Fashion Star Styling Trick?

How to Style your Belts + Blazers

Blazer Outfits to Try NOW

What is style really? It’s the sum of all details; the fashion you purchased with the accessories you love, finished off with hair and makeup. All of these factors go into your overall look and style daily. So what makes a fashion star, trendsetter, or just a stylish friend or co-worker? It’s all in the details. Styling is about the combination of details. And finding new ways to style the details will give you the most out of your closet while challenging yourself to be you’re own stylist. Blazer outfits to try.

On the West Coast, thanks to our mild climate, we don’t really get to polish our looks off with a great coat; but jackets are worn almost all year round. And blazers are the hottest piece of outwear right now. You probably have one or two in your closet already (if you don’t we picked out a few of our favorites) just hanging around, collecting dust. It’s time to pull them out and give them new life.

Blazer outfits are everywhere right now! One of my personal favorite styling tricks is to style a blazer like a top (of course you can wear something underneath-we do love layers). Make the blazer the star of the outfit by styling it with a belt over the blazer.  So instead of thinking of your blazer only as a jacket you wear over a top with your belt “properly in their loops” think outside the box and take note from our favorite street style IT girls and try this styling trick.


Blazer Outfits we LOVE: Style your oversized blazer with a wrap belt and pair with a pair of bells or flared denim in black.

Blazer Outfits we LOVE: Try a belt bag with your favorite blazerNeva Opt $95

Blazer Outfits we LOVE: Style a double breasted blazer with a statement belt, cap and skinnies or leggings.Pinterest

Blazer Outfits we LOVE: Try a classic belt over a blazerElise M. $69


Blazer Outfits we LOVE: Pair a blazer with high waisted black skinny jeans a classic pumpsAG Jeans $198


Blazer Outfits We LOVE: Give your suit set a street vibe, pair it with a belt bag, white sunglasses, and lots of jewelry and layered necklaces

Blazer Outfits we LOVE: Pair Layer Necklaces with your blazerLariet $120 | Ivy Chocker $62


Blazer Outfits we LOVE: Style a blazer with a belt bagFanny Pack $49

Blazer Outfits we LOVE: Pair a White Blazer with an embellished belt and mini skirt and statement jewelryHarper’s Bazaar

Blazer Outfits we LOVE: French girl style is always a good idea. Try a blazer with a floral dress and finish off the look with a belt, hat and sandalsVogue

Blazer Outfits we LOVE: Layer a Blazer over floral dressFlynn Skye $196


Blazer Outfits we LOVE: Style your Blazer with a classic beltElise M. $60


Blazer Outfits we LOVE: Try a long blazerBlazer $59


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