The One Accessory I’m Always Obsessed with….

From studs to statement, I’ve had a long obsession with earrings.

Accessories are everything when it comes to making an outfit unique to the individual. When it comes to my personal style I’ve always gravitated to minimal clothing which allowed my accessory obsession to take center stage. The one accessory I have the most fun experimenting with are earrings. Basic hoops to elaborate chandeliers, and everything in between, are in my jewelry box. My current must haves are the acrylic styles. They are popping up everywhere (including here) and they are an affordable trend to try. Trending accessories are a great way to make an outfit fresh and feel in-the-moment. Here are some of my favorite earrings right now.

Hoop Earrings Cellulose Acetate Earring - Natural, Renewable, Eco-Friendly Material Tortuous

Machete $58 via IRIS AND POPPY


Shashi Lightning Bold Stud Earring

Shashi $22 via ARLO AND JOY


Threader Hoops Raegan Knight Hoop Earrings

Raegan Knight $24 via THE GARAGE COLLECTIVE


Crystal Hoop Earrings

g2g $160 by g2g DESIGNS


Vanessa Mooney Astrid Knotted Tassel Earrings

Vanessa Mooney $40 via BLUE EYED GIRL


Fraiser Sterling Triangle Earrings

Fraiser Sterling $22 via RESURRECTION


Vanessa Mooney The Cannes Silver Earrings Hoop Earrings Chandelier Earrings Statement Earrings Silver Earrings

Vanessa Mooney $70 via KINDRED