How to Style a Beret like an American

The Beret


With an American Twist

French fashion is not only chic, but also timeless.  Take the beret for example; a piece that began centuries ago, and is still worn today – including in America. Like most things Americans have taken a liking to, we’ve put our own spin on this somewhat cliché French item. Seen on IT girls and celebrities alike, the beret can be worn with a leather jacket, slip dress, or casual sweater.  There’s no need to purchase a new wardrobe to match this hat; we’ve found that it can easily work with several of our favorite outfits.

Leather Jacket

What’s more classic than a beret?  A black leather jacket.  So why not pair the two together to create the perfect American-Parisian ensemble?  An all-black outfit with suede booties creates the perfect amount of edge to offset the chicness of the beret.  Wear it for a night out in Orange County, or a concert in Los Angeles.  Either way, you’ll be showing off your knowledge of French fashion styling.

All Black: Beret and leather jacket

beret and leather coatParisienne

Slip Dress

This grungy, 90’s trend is showing no sign of slowing down as it can be styled in so many different ways.  With a rocker tee, turtleneck, or by itself, a slip dress can easily be altered to fit anyone’s style.  This orange ribbed turtleneck layered underneath a black slip dress goes perfectly with a beige beret.  Worn in the chilly winter temperatures or during the cool spring, you’ll get more than one use out of this outfit.

Beret with slip dress Natalie off dutyNatalie off Duty
how to style a beretParisienne

All Denim

We’ve seen the all-denim trend on celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and of course on its Canadian originators. But little did we know that this bold fashion statement could also be paired with a beret for quite the unique combo.  Throw on some light denim pants, a matching denim jacket and a shirt similar in color to your beret, and you’ll have mastered this outfit.  Pair it with leather, mod booties to tie the look together.

denim on denim plus beretPhenholy

denim on denim plus pink beret

Oversized Coat

With the temperatures forecasted in the 60s, it’s time to let those cozy coats finally see the light of day.  For all the girl bosses out there, the temperatures can be even chillier in the early morning when grabbing a cup of coffee before work.  The solution? Pull that oversized coat out from the back of your closet and throw it over your business casual get-up.  Top it off with a beret and you’re ready to take on the day.

navy coat and green beret

White coat, beret and jeansPopsugar

Sweater and Jeans

This go-to look is not only the easiest to assemble, but also the easiest way to introduce a beret into your wardrobe.  For those days where you’re not particularly inspired to create a unique look, add a beret. This will make your outfit instantly more stylish.  All you need is a comfy sweater, a pair of jeans, some boots or sneakers, and, of course, your beret.  You can even match the beret to your sweater for extra style points.

Sweater, leather pants and a beretThe fashion Cuisine
stripes, jeans and a beretPinterest