Stairs and Sunshine Great Outdoor Workout Ideas

Stairs and Sunshine Great Outdoor Workout Ideas To Try

Ok, first and foremost I’m not a trainer, simply a life long runner who workouts regularly. I’m always trying to come up with ways to make my “run” or my workouts a bit different. One of my favorite spring workouts is running the stairs at the beach. This too, I try to vary as well. Some days a few sprints up the stairs is all I need but other days I want a more well-rounded workout. Check out a few of my tips on how to get the most out the stairs in your neighborhood.

The Warm Up

If you’re new to running, walking or jogging on stairs, BE CAREFUL! Ok now that that’s said start slowly, only you know your fitness level. My suggestion is to slowly jog up the stairs once for your warm up. If the stairs are short you might want to go two times. Once you’re warmed up it’s time to think about how you want to structure your workout. I personally like to do circuits with cardio bursts in-between upper body and lower body exercises.

So here’s my current workout. I do this workout in a circuit which means I do each one of these things once in each circuit and I do 4 circuits.

  1. A quick run up the stairs. This will get your heart rate up. Walk Back Down.

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2. 10 Tricep Dips (Modify your reps to your fitness level)

outdoor workout ideas oc style report

3. 10 Side Squats with knee lift (each side 20 total)

outdoor workout ideas oc style report

4. 10 Pushups (really do as many as you can, 10 can be a lot, and you can always drop to your knees.)

outdoor workout ideas oc style report

5. 10 Reverse Lunges with Kick (each side, 20 total) Do each leg at a time. Do not alternate legs.

Ok ladies, this one is a bit more advanced. You can modify this to fit your fitness level. You can just do a reverse lunge on a flat surface or you can reverse lunge from the stairs with no kick. You know your body, push yourself but don’t go overboard.

outdoor workout ideas oc style report

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