Restyle: The Button Up

How-To Restyle a Wardrobe Essential


The Button Up

The button up is a staple piece for any work wardrobe.  Whether you’re in a business formal environment, or it’s a casual day in the office, the button up is versatile by nature.  Recently, this top has made its way out of the office and onto our Instagram feeds, and we’re starting to see it being worn in more ways than one.  Of course there’s the usual ways to style it; half front tuck, rolled sleeves, under a sweater, but there’s the few original ways to wear it as well.  Whether it’s off the shoulder, or around your waist, we love these new ways to restyle a button up.

Off the Shoulder

Grab that button up out of your boyfriend’s closet because for this look, you’ll need an oversized shirt for ultimate success.  Unbutton the first three buttons or so, and pull it down and around your shoulders and back. Voila! You have a new and stylish top. Pair it with high waisted pants, or a denim skirt to complete the look.

off the shoulder button upSylvie Mus
off the shoulder button upPopsugar

Open and Knotted

Arguably the easiest way to style a button up, this open and knotted look adds a bit of sex appeal to a classic style.  Simply leave the shirt open, and tie it loosely at the bottom.  Add a bralette underneath, or nothing at all – either way you can’t lose with this look.

open, knotted button upPopsugar
open, knotted button upApiece Apart

As a Skirt

This trick works if you need bottoms in a bind, or if you want to switch up your skirt style.  Slip into a button up and bring it around your waist, then button the rest of the shirt to the bottom.  Next, take the arms and double knot it in the front.  Finally, tuck the collar and everything else in to create a seamless look.

button up as a skirtPopsugarWear a Button up as a skirtFashion Clue
So, which restyle will you be trying? Tell us how you restyle your button up in the comments below!