How to Restyle like a French Girl

The Blazer Restyle


How to Restyle your Blazer like a French Girl

Styling and restyling your wardrobe is vital in making the most out of your wardrobe. So many women buy an item and wear it one way. Any item you purchase needs to be able to be restyled and worn at least 3 different way. This year, make sure that being your own stylist is on your list of New Year’s resolutions. We’ll be here along the way to help you learn and hone your own styling craft. We’re loving the simple way French fashion blogger, The Fashion Cuisine restyled her oversized blazer. FYI over sized jackets are a big trend for 2017.

This year we’re not only going to share where you can buy your favorite items locally, inspire you to continue to shop and style from your current closet, but help you to hunt for cool resale, thrift and vintage items. If you don’t already have an oversized blazer to try this, don’t fret. This is a great piece to pick up a thrift shop or, of course, you can steal a blazer out of your SO’s (significant other’s) closet.

Blazer Restyle oversized-blazer-frayed-hem-fiddler-cap-fishnets-booties-clear-aviatiors Blazer Restyle oversized-blazer-frayed-hem-fiddler-cap-fishnets-booties-clear-aviatiors The Fashion Cuisine


Prism: Black Kayla Cap by Brixton Woman’s $96Huxley + Harper: Clear Aviators $18

Molly G: Meg Clutch $238

Seaside Soles: Hilda Bootie by Sasha London $176

Luna B: One More Time Skirt $44

The Fashion Cuisine

Prism: Gold Solstices Earrings by Marida

Blue Eyed Girl: Vivienne Aviator Shades in Gold/Rose Gold by Quay Australia $60

Huxley + Harper: Belled Turtleneck $32

Blue Eyed Girl: Blush Rib Tube Skirt by Bella Luxe $128

Blue Eyed Girl: Charlize Skinny Double Belt by Elise M. $45

Wild Moon: Waltzing Away Crossbody $341

Restyle Photos Sourced from The Fashion Cuisine

Have styling questions? Leave your questions in the comments and we’ll be happy to help!