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Why We ♥ Onde Company

When you can combine Art with shopping, and pair those two things with Philanthropy, you can’t go wrong! What we love about Onde Company is just that. By combining a love for the ocean, travel, photography, and out reach work- the creators of Onde Company work with outreach organizations to make visually stunning products that raise awareness and funds for our ocean and coastal communities. Each item made at Onde Company sponsors a nonprofit or outreach organization and a percentage of the proceeds go directly towards their conservation efforts.

onde companyWhere does your artistic influence come from and at what point did you decide to make it your career?

As an underwater and documentary photographer I am heavily influence by my surroundings and the places that I work. My inspiration comes when I immerse myself into a culture and give back to the local community. I photograph for various nonprofit organizations, and my desire to create Onde Company and make it my career came directly form that.

onde companyHow did you decide on ONDE as the name of the company?

‘Onde’ in Italian translates into ‘waves’. That’s what our company is trying to do; make waves in our world. The ocean is a huge influence on my work, and my Italian heritage is very important to me. The name “Onde Company” is the perfect blend of the two.

onde companyWhy was having philanthropy a big part of your company important to you?

My entire life I have been passionate about two things; my photography and working with non profit organizations. I have always been a working photographer and in between jobs I would photograph for different charitable organizations. Whether it was orphans in India or animals in Hawaii; working with these companies always left me wanting more… Therefore, I decided I wanted my part time work to be my full time job. As a result Onde Company was born.

onde companyWhy did you choose the Oceans as the focus your philanthropy?

There is a great quote by JFK,  “We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.” If you are an ocean person, everything in your life is dictated by it. I find myself choosing work and locations based on their coastlines. My current line is heavily influenced by the ocean and of my time spent living and working in Hawaii. Now that I am back in California, Onde will be focusing more on the “costal community” aspect of the company. I have a lot of interest right now in working with humanitarian organizations in Bali, Thailand, Mexico, and the Philippines.

onde companyWhat organizations does ONDE support?

The point of Onde Company is to create items for any organization that would like to collaborate with us. On the land or in the Sea. Currently, Onde collaborates with local Hawaiian organizations that cover a wide variety of issues including; shark research and conservation (Water Inspired), dolphin captivity (Empty the Tanks Hawaii), environmental awareness (Sustainable Coastlines), ocean pollution and conservation (Keiko Conservation), and cetacean education, (Pangeaseed).

onde companyWhat’s next for ONDE?

Onde hopes to create a wide variety of visually stimulating products unique to each organization we work with. Our goal is to raise funds and awareness for their efforts, while bringing a little beauty into the world.

You will also find Onde at the LeucadiART Walk this year in San Diego on August 28th from 10am-5pm.

All photos provided by Onde Company photographed by Rachel Ceretto

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