No Equipment Outdoor Workouts


Get Outside!

No Equipment Outdoor Workouts

With summer in full swing, it’s easier than ever to turn your gym workouts into your favorite outdoor workouts. By taking your fitness outside, you’ll not only continue getting lean and building muscle, but you’ll intake fresh air, soak up the sun (maybe even get a little tan in the process) and have lots of fun.

Moving your fitness routine outdoors will allow you to spend more time in the natural climate and let your skin process the fresh air. You’ll enjoy the sky and the sun, let the green sink in and then finally, experiment with all that nature has to offer as a replacement for your gym equipment – Lifting timber and trunks, doing planks on the uneven ground, and maybe even trying pull-ups hanging from the super strong tree branches. Now, You don’t have to go and pull a Tarzan, but it will definitely be more exciting than hanging around the gym.

Excercises to try Outdoors

Nature is a never-ending palette of possibilities to explore. Here are some of the most common and most effective activities you can try out in the open:



Instead of looking at the mirror while you’re sweating on a treadmill, pick a lane in nature and hit it! Fresh air will make it easier, the greenery around you will stimulate you and you can always stop for a breather by the ocean and enjoy the sights.

Unlike running indoors, spending time outdoors doesn’t require heavy clothes. Just the opposite: the wind will make you sweat and dry at the same time, so make sure you put something light on and easy to move around in (for stretching and all). Also, if you plan on going for a run or jog at night, wear reflective gear to make yourself visable to others.

Riding a Bike

outdoor workouts

Spinning outdoors is amazing for the same reasons running is. Spinning those pedals outdoors can take you places around your town you’ve never seen before and let you explore sights you never knew were as attractive. Plus, you can let your mind wander while you are enjoying all the sights you are pedaling by. Stay safe, though – try to avoid riding where there are too many cars or no bike lanes. Sure, you’re fierce, but be smart too. Check the best budget road bikes on


outdoor workouts

Swimming has always been one of the best outdoor workouts to get your body toned as it’s engaging virtually all of the muscles in the body. Go swimming at the local pool or head to the beach and get that body active! You’ll catch a tan, too – no doubt. Throw in a game of basketball at the beach court or a game of volleyball in the sand for some extra physical activity. You’ll get your body fit in no time

Trunk Lifting

You know that crazy exercise when your trainer comes up to you and goes “we’ll be doing some lifts now” and points at the boxing bag lying on the floor, indicating you are about to flip it in session through the entire gym? Well, yeah. You’ll be doing the same with the fallen trunks. What! Go on and channel the Incredible Hulk within – it’ll be fun!

What are your favorite outdoor workouts?


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