Do you Need a Denim Intervention….. I DO!

Do you Need a Denim Intervention as Bad as I do?

Denim Alternatives you’ll Actually Wear

Give your pile of jeans a little break and find a denim alternative. I am. Seriously, I live in all things denim and I know I’m not alone. I’ve decided that I need to broaden my style horizons. Because I’m a stylist by trade one would think this would be easy, but we all get stuck in our style comfort zone, even stylists.

Living our lives in denim on the west coast leaves most of us with casual style. So picking out a casual denim alternative is key to actually wearing pants other then your favorite jeans. Although most days my denim reigns supreme, I’m also a sucker for cool khaki’s (yes there is such a thing), joggers and off-duty trousers. One common detail I always look for in each of these types of pants is the hem line. I like for casual pants to come right around my ankle. This allows for many different shoe options; literally everything from classic pumps to a sneaker.


Seriously… good styling can make any article of clothing cool. I love rocking both a trending, off-the-shoulder shirt or the classic graphic tee and moto jacket with a pair of cool khakis.

Denim Alternative KhakisBlog in the City
Denim Alternative KhakisFashion Me Now


Denim Alternative Khakis Prism-boutique one-teaspoonPrism: Military Cavalrie Pants by One Teaspoon $136


I’m a total sucker for joggers. If you haven’t found a pair you can dress up, check out the ones below. They’re only $40! Wear joggers just like a slouchy pant.

Denim Alternative Joggers Military-jacket studded-booties slick-pony plain-white-tee

Denim Alternative Joggers Moto-jacket termal Fashioned Chic


Luna B: Catch Up Sweat Pants $40

Cargo Pants

When it comes to cargo pants, be careful! Make sure to pick a pair that the cargo pockets are flattering. The placement of these pockets is everything to ensure the proper fit.

Denim Alternative Cargo-pants hello-fashion-blog Hello Fashion Blog

Denim Alternative Khakis Cargo-pants street-style-looks


Blue Eyed Girl: Linen Cargo Pant by Vince. $295


I love a casual trouser. Lately I’ve been loving the high waisted kind. I’ve found they are very flattering to most body types. They give off a casual yet finished/done vibe.

Denim Alternative Casual-Trousers High-Waisted-TrousersMiss Moss
Denim Alternative Casual TrousersGary Pepper Girl


BTW I have both pairs of these pants. I love the brand LACAUSA. It’s minimal and cool, the fit is great-I’m a fan.

Blue Eyed Girl: Uniform Trouser by LACAUSA $150

Blue Eyed Girl: Lola Trouser by LACAUSA $198