How to Merge your Summer & Fall Wardrobe

Merge your Summer & Fall Wardrobe

With Blue Eyed Girl & Katherine Hughes

As the official end of Summer quickly approaches, Southern California fashion lovers face a dilemma. Fall merchandise has already hit the shelves of our favorite shops, fashion month is in full swing, and while we really want to embrace fall, SoCal still feels like summer. And let’s face it, we do love our summer wardrobes. So, what’s the solution to this fashion dilemma? It’s pretty simple; find ways to mix your summer favorites with your newest fall finds. Fall wardrobe.

If you’re anything like me, a great jumpsuit is my go to all summer long. Actually, if I had 365 jumpsuits I’d be wearing one every day of the year. That being said, this look from Blue Eyed Girl is the perfect example of how to merge your Summer and Fall wardrobe. By adding a great pair of booties and a cozy cardigan, this summer favorite now feels like Fall. How easy was that?!

If you’re ready to try this at home, here are a few things to consider. Layering.. Always! I mean that really is the whole premiss behind merging the two wardrobes. Texture; Layer your favorite summer outfit with fall textures like leather and cashmere to add that fall element. Shoes; sometimes all it takes is a different pair of shoes and you’re ready for the change of the season.

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The best way to mix your summer and fall wardrobe

Fall wardrobe: Rust colored jumpsuit by cleobella

adventures in iceland with champagne cochran and katherine hughes for blue eyed girl boutique

Finding ways to mix your summer and fall wardrobe with blue eyed girl

Fall wardrobe outfit details: Rust jumpsuit, cashmere cozy sweater, cream textured booties, tassel bag

mixing your summer favorites with new fall must haves

no fall wardrobe is complete without a cozy sweater or 2Photographed by Champagne Cochran in Iceland