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How to Contour your Face with Swell Beauty

Featuring Blogger Amanda of Feast Fashion Faves

Contouring is easier than you think….  All you need is a good Bronzer, 2 Beauty Blenders, 1 Amazing Dup Brush1 Eye Sweeping Brush, Pearl Highlighter,  Anastasia’s Contour Kit & Setting Spray.


Start with a Great Bronzer. My favorite is “Too Faced” Chocolate Soeilee in Medium/ Deep. $30

Too FacedIMG_8651Outline the Cheek Bones in a C Shape motion, with my favorite Double Sided illuminating powder #24 brush by Stila.($50)

IMG_8638Blend the Apple of the cheeks with more Bronzer, so that the cheeks appear lighter then the C shape you have created so far with the other end of the Brush.

IMG_8613Use Mac’s Beauty Blender ($20) and Mac’s Highlighter($21) in pearl cream to apply to the tops of your cheek bones & blend from the apples of your cheeks to your upper cheek bones.

Contour KitUse Anastasia’s Contour Kit to enhance your under eyes with the lightest shade ($40) Use Bobby Browns Eye Sweep Brush ($33)  to Apply to the under eyes and make a C shape from the inner & under eye area to the end of your eyebrow.

IMG_8716IMG_8726Use a Egg Shape Beauty Blender ($20) to blend the application under the eyes.

IMG_8727 To keep your look long lasting, Set your face with any Finishing Spray.


All Photos Provided by Swell Beauty || Photo Credit: Bleudog Fotography