Trend to Try: The Smudgy Cat Eye

The Smudgy Cat Eye

Ok so I’m no make-up artist but after years of being a human Barbie to my big sister (lover all things stylish and new) I learned a few things. The biggest thing I learned is to try new things and not be scared to make a mistake when it comes to fashion or makeup. We all don’t hit it out of the park the first time around,but if you don’t try you won’t know. There are few things better than your friends asking you for style advise. I swear it’s really as simple as trying.

If you’re scared of a cat eye because you can’t keep your hand steady enough for the perfect line, try a smudgy cat eye.

My Inspiration

                                                                      Photo Source: PinterestByrdie cat eye

What I used

Photo Source: L’Oreal & MACSmugdy liner how to

How I did it

Prep the lid

A tip I learned that helps a lot…. Start with your eye make-up before your face make-up. Why? Because if loose shadow gets on the skin under the eye, it’s much easier to clean it off than to try and clean it off concealer (which sticks) and then try to reapply the concealer.

1. Pat concealer on lid

2. Put neutral base color over whole lid

3. In the deep crease I added a slightly darker neutral color

4. One eye at a time, line the upper lash line with black gel liner with the 209 eye liner brush- it doesn’t have to be perfect, remember your going to smudge it! Another Tip- Make sure not to leave an visible skin between the liner and lash line. It needs to be completely black on the lash line.

5. Re line the gel liner with black shadow and then smudge with liner brush 219.

6. Add your face make-up & concealer

7.  Finish face with blush and or bronzer

8. Last but not least, mascara. I like 3-4 coats but this is up to you!

How it turned out

Natalie www 3 beauty for smudge post