Designer Spotlight: Confessions of a Bald Girl

Why we ♥ Jenna Murray

A.K.A. Confessions of a Bald Girl

A couple of months ago I came across Jenna A.K.A. Confessions of a Bald Girl on Instagram. I was drawn to Jenna’s style and quickly realized there was something special about the woman behind the instagram account. We became instagram friends and soon after I had the opportunity to meet Jenna in person to collaborate. I was beyond inspired by her story and how she did not let a devastating diagnosis define her life, love and happiness. Please take the time to get to know the fabulous and amazing Jenna Murray and her head wrap line, Confessions of a Bald Girl. Plus stay tuned for our collaboration later this month!

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What was the journey that led you to Head wraps?

I recently became a stage 3 breast cancer survivor . Since I’ve been a heavy breast cancer advocate, I started my own headwrap / headband line and writing a chemo fashionista book. Having this cancer has really put life into perspective for me & seeing this makes me so happy. I really just want to help… help all these girls in situations like myself…some worse, some not so bad but indeed all very scary, heart wrenching, life changing situations.  Just because you have cancer doesn’t mean your life is ending, (you have to alter it a bit) but you can still be fashionable and you can still live life!!! I have found the more you embrace the journey than suppress the journey, you just might find yourself in the end, your relationships with God and everyone around becomes deeper, you find your true meaning in this crazy world; That is what having cancer has done to me anyway.. And knowing/seeing that I am making the slightest impact on other women really just makes my heart smile! Cause we are all in this together!
 Confessions collage

What is the inspirations behind your designs?/What inspired your most recent collection?

Breast Cancer inspired the collection. Now my inspirations come from lots of things trendy colors / patterns, seasons, & on going trends.

Where does the name Confessions of a Bald Girl come from?

Confessions of a Bald girl Originates from me personally and my battle during my own breast cancer & chemo. Weekly, I would update people by blogging my feelings on Instagram and Facebook. They were my confessions on how I was feeling that very moment, very raw, very real.
 Wraps 2

How would you describe your personal style?

Brave, Chic & Fun! Because I think fashion should incorporate one of those three or all three on a sassy day !
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What head wrap do you find yourself wearing the most?

I change monthly lol. I’ll wear one tying style literally for a month in all different patterns etc. then switch it up once I get bored. My knot turban with a twist is definitely my fave go too.

What’s next for Confessions of a Bald Girl?

That’s a great question, I have so many hopes for COABG. My dream is to make everyone into chemo fashionistas through ideas I try, like, and are inspired by and bring hope and fashion!  Letting women everywhere know just cause they/we have cancer doesn’t mean we can’t be fashionable with cancer! I’m planning on doing a 1 for 1 eventually where if you buy a scarf or headband that one chemo patient losing her hair gets one. By buying a wrap or headband from Confessions of A Bald girl, that not only are you going to look cute & trendy but you’re also helping a woman that is struggling with losing her hair. It’s all about empowering one another!
Photo Source: Mod Owl an Online Boutique || Photographer: Brandon Ball || Hair & Makeup: Prive Beauty Group