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Due Menti

Two Girls, Two Minds, SAME DREAM

Realizing their mutual passion for fashion, and being a mom, co-designers Ashley Rose and Sarah Beran decided to team up to bring you Due Menti. A local jewelry line with an assortment of versatile designs made for stacking, layering, mixing and matching. Often inspired by the beautiful beach town they live in, Ashley and Sarah work together on each design to make sure every piece is unique, fresh and perfect for every woman. With their snap on scarf bracelets, leather and beaded wraps, you’ll find styles that can be worn in more ways than one, and range from hippie-chic to sophisticated urban.

Scroll through to read our Q&A with the Due Menti designers and learn more about the brand!

Due Menti designers Sarah and AshleyWhere does your artistic influence come from and how long have you been designing jewelry?

We both grew up with a love for fashion. I worked in the fashion industry for several years and always had a dream of starting my own line. Ashley has been passionate about accessories for as long as she can remember. We discussed over the years pursuing something together, but it wasn’t until around the time we both had kids that the discussions became more real. It was our passion for design and aspiration of growing a company while still having time to spend with our little ones, that gave us that final push to team up and start Due Menti. We’ve both been creating our own jewelry for years, but the collaboration began in the fall of 2014 and the business started growing less than a year later.

What is the inspiration behind the Due Menti designs?/What inspired your most recent collection?

It’s hard not to be inspired by the California lifestyle! The beach, the beauty surrounding us, and the laid back vibe has definitely influenced our designs. Most of our pieces can transition from day to night, and are easy to dress up or down. Each style is made to mix, match and stack! Ashley is more of a neutral girl, while I’m always wanting more color.  Our different, unique styles make us a great team – we inspire each other every day and work together to come up with collections that are perfect for every woman. Our most recent collection was inspired by summer festivals and boho beach vibes.

Ivy carnegie wearing due mentiHow did you decide on Due Menti as the name of the brand?

Due Menti means “Two Minds” in Italian. We believe some of our best styles come from collaborating. We work closely as a team on each design, to make sure every piece is unique, fresh and amazing.

Due menti jewelry based in manhattan beachHow would you describe your personal style?

Sarah: Honestly, my style changes every day based on my mood. I’m kind of unpredictable like that.  I think fashion is more of an art and I use clothes to express myself and how I’m feeling that day.  Most days I have more of a laid back, chic look since I’m constantly running around with my kids – distressed jeans and a cool t-shirt… But, I love throwing on heels and getting dressed up too!

Ashley: A little classic, a little romantic, a little bohemian…not afraid of color, but prefer neutrals.

Due menti beaded braceletsDo you have a personal favorite Due Menti Piece?

Sarah: It’s hard to pick just one because I love mixing and matching different styles, but lately I’ve found myself wearing Casey from the Sydney Collection A LOT!  It’s perfect for summer; lounging by the pool, heading to a bbq, or a fun night out on the town.  Our beaded wraps are made to look like you’re wearing multiple bracelets. Wear them as a long necklace or even an anklet!

Ashley: So hard to choose, but currently crushing on our denim scarf bracelet… It’s been fun to watch our brand evolve, and pick new favorites.

What’s next for Due Menti?

The options are endless!! Every meeting we work to develop new ideas and fun projects. We recently launched Maddie & B by Due Menti, a collection of headbands for kids, named after our daughters. Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about experimenting with bracelets for men… So, I think that might be our next little adventure!!


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Swimsuit Photos of Ivy Carnegie photographed by Raul Esparza. All other photos provided by Due Menti.

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