Meet Blogger & Digital Artist Adrianna Kinal

Meet Adrianna Kinal

Fashion Blogger & Digital Artist

AAKinal a.k.a Adrianna Kinal loves the art of fashion, and it’s time for this fashion blogger and digital artist to be on your radar! The first thing you have to do after finishing this article is check out Adrianna’s IG account @adriannakinal. The mix of her life, fashion and art is uniquely Adrianna and that’s what I love.  I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely Polish/Canadian import for coffee last fall and I was immediately transfixed and I knew instantly I wanted to collaborate.

We wanted a cool venue for our collaboration so I asked our friends at Hotelements to find us the perfect place, and they did. We shot at the very cool Seven4One in Laguna Beach. This trendy venue had everything we needed; modern vibe, lots of texture (like their living wall) and of course a view of the ocean.

We were not done there…. Adrianna needed the perfect boutique and the right jewelry to set the tone for the shoot. We took Adrianna to one of our favorite boutiques, Bardot, knowing Adrianna would find the perfect looks to represent her modern, sophisticated style. There was one last thing we needed to top it all off, jewelry, and nothing says modern, sophisticated style like Nan Fusco Jewelry.

T H E  L I V I N G  W A L L  &  T H E  A R T I S T

Adrianna kinal Mara Hoffman Shorts enterance

Adrianna kinal Mara Hoffman Shorts Nan FuscoI love Adrianna’s artist eye. It was her idea to jump up into the window giving this shot her artistic vibe.

Shorts & Top: Mara Hoffman from Bardot

M O D E R N  E L E G A N C E  &  F E A R L E S S  A R T I S T

Adrianna kinal Dress 2

Adrianna kinal Dress 1Adrianna was fearless in front of the camera, striking fierce poses one after another. 

Dress: Sam & Lavi from Bardot// Earrings & Bracelets: Nan Fusco  pricing available upon request 949.281.7400

A  V I E W &  S T A T E M E N T  J E W E L R Y

Adrianna kinal Blue 1

Adrianna kinal blue 2Jumpsuit from Bardot// Jewelry: Nan Fusco pricing available upon request 949.281.7400

G L A M O U R  A L L  T H E  W A Y

Adrianna kinal ACL Nan FuscoAdrianna kinal ALC CouchCrop Top & Slacks: A.L.C. from Bardot// Jewelry: Nan Fusco pricing available upon request 949.281.7400

S O P H I S T I C A T I O N  A T  I T’ S  B E S T

Adrianna kinal Mara Hoffman CourtyardAdrianna kinal Mara Hoffman Nan FuscoDress: Mara Hoffman from Bardot// Jewelry: Nan Fusco Jewelry pricing available upon request 949.281.7400

A Special THANKS to Hotelements for arranging our photo shoot, Seven4One for hosting our photo shoot, Bardot for the clothing, Nancy Fusco for her amazing jewels, Adrianna for being our beautiful muse, Swell Beauty for hair & makeup perfection, and of course team OCSR for all their hard work, talent and dedication.

Muse/Blogger/Artist: Adrianna Kinal// Stylists: Adrianna Kinal & Katie O’Sullivan// Styling Assistant: Kirby Morris// Hair & Make-up: Swell Beauty// Photography & Creative Direction: Rachael Dickens// Location Manager: Natalie Dickens

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